Marko Praises Verstappen, Perez for Red Bull One-Two Finish: Impeccable Performance

Helmut Marko was pleasantly surprised by Red Bull Racing’s strong start to the season, with Max Verstappen dominating the Bahrain Grand Prix and Sergio Perez finishing second, despite initial doubts after practice and qualifying sessions.


‣ Helmut Marko was very positively surprised by Red Bull Racing’s strong start to the season, with Max Verstappen winning the Bahrain Grand Prix dominantly.

‣ Despite initial doubts after practice and qualifying, Red Bull found their strengths in the setup, leading to Verstappen’s impressive performance.

‣ Sergio Perez also performed well, finishing second, although he was significantly behind Verstappen but managed to keep Carlos Sainz at bay, according to Marko.

‣ Marko highlighted the tactical flawlessness of Red Bull’s race strategy, particularly praising the performances of both Verstappen and Perez.

Helmut Marko couldn’t hide his shock. Red Bull Racing, it seemed, had pulled a rabbit out of their hat at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Max Verstappen? He was in a league of his own, shredding the competition to bits. Even his teammate, Sergio Perez, who didn’t do too shabby himself, finishing second, lagged behind Verstappen by a considerable margin.

Oh, and about Marko? The guy was over the moon. Both Verstappen and Perez had him grinning from ear to ear. Despite the duo’s strong finish, the lead-up had been a rollercoaster. “After practice, we were scratching our heads,” Marko admitted to Sky Sports Germany. “But, boy, did we bounce back or what?” He couldn’t believe how they turned things around, with Max zooming off into the distance. “A pleasant surprise, but honestly, didn’t see that coming.”

Perez, too, didn’t just make up the numbers. He was right in the thick of it, battling it out with Ferrari and Mercedes. Marko couldn’t help but praise his tactical nous. “Checo was spot on,” he remarked, noting how Max took the lead early on while Perez had his hands full. Yet, it was a masterclass from the 80-year-old Austrian’s perspective.

Then there’s the curious case of Carlos Sainz keeping pace with Perez. Marko had a simple take on that. “Why push harder?” he mused. Perez had Sainz in his pocket, and gunning for Max was a bridge too far. “It was all about playing it smart,” concluded the Red Bull advisor, always thinking two steps ahead.

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