Marko Says Ricciardo Must Act Soon

Helmut Marko has issued a warning to Daniel Ricciardo for his underwhelming performance in the first two Grands Prix, emphasizing the need for improvement as he competes with Yuki Tsunoda and others for a Red Bull seat beside Max Verstappen in 2025.


‣ Helmut Marko has issued a warning to Daniel Ricciardo to improve his performance after underwhelming results in the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia Grands Prix.

‣ Yuki Tsunoda has outperformed Ricciardo in the early season, being faster in both qualifying and race positions, which puts pressure on Ricciardo as they both vie for a potential seat at Red Bull Racing alongside Max Verstappen in 2025.

‣ Marko highlighted the need for improvement in the Visa Cash App RB team, particularly in maintaining speed in long runs during races, as they struggle with falling behind after initially racing up front in the championship points.

Helmut Marko’s got his eyes on Daniel Ricciardo, and not for the best reasons. After just two races, he’s hinting that Ricciardo needs to step it up. The Australian didn’t exactly shine in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, leaving Marko a tad concerned.

In Bahrain, Ricciardo found himself a smidge behind Tsunoda, who was quicker by a tenth in qualifying. The very next day, team orders shuffled Ricciardo back even more. Fast forward a week, and the story didn’t get any brighter. Tsunoda outpaced Ricciardo again, this time landing a 9th place in qualifying while Ricciardo lagged at 14th. By the end of the Saudi Grand Prix, Tsunoda clinched 14th, with Ricciardo trailing at 16th.

Marko spilled the beans to, saying there’s a hefty battle brewing for the Red Bull seat beside Max Verstappen in 2025. Both Yuki and Daniel are in the ring, duking it out with Sergio Perez. Marko gave Tsunoda props for his qualifying prowess but nudged Ricciardo, suggesting he needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat, and pronto.

But it’s not all smooth sailing for the Visa Cash App RB team, according to Marko. Sure, Tsunoda’s got qualifying down, and they start strong, nabbing those early championship points. Yet, as the race drags on, they’re slipping back, unable to keep pace. The culprit? Could be the tyres getting a bit too much love, or maybe it’s something else entirely. Marko, at 80, is on the case, determined to crack it.

So, there you have it. The pressure’s mounting, and the clock’s ticking for Ricciardo. With Marko’s warning out in the open, it’s crunch time. Will Ricciardo find that magic formula to bounce back? Only time will tell.

Albert Ramirez
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