Marko Supports Horner, Praises Years of Success

Red Bull Racing is facing internal silence and media speculation regarding accusations of inappropriate behavior by Christian Horner, amidst rumors of internal divisions within the team, as they prepare for the 2024 F1 season.


‣ Red Bull Racing is facing internal turmoil due to allegations of inappropriate behaviour by Christian Horner towards a female colleague, with the team maintaining silence on the issue.

‣ There is speculation of a rift within Red Bull Racing, with two camps emerging: one supporting Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen, and the other backing Christian Horner.

‣ Despite rumors of a conspiracy to oust Horner, Helmut Marko denies any such theory and acknowledges Horner’s significant contributions to the team.

‣ Christian Horner is scheduled to be questioned by an independent lawyer about the allegations, as Red Bull Racing prepares to unveil their new car for the upcoming season.

As the 2024 F1 season gears up, excitement buzzes around the new cars. Yet, Red Bull Racing seems to have hit the mute button. They’re tight-lipped, especially about the Horner affair that’s got everyone talking. Christian Horner? Yeah, he’s in hot water, accused of not behaving properly towards a female colleague.

Now, everyone’s asking: did Horner really step out of line? But, here’s the kicker – who spilled the beans might just stay under wraps. The rumor mill’s churning, though. Red Bull Racing seems split. You’ve got Team Marko, with Max Verstappen cheering from the sidelines. And then, there’s Team Horner, backed by Red Bull’s Thai bigwig and a few others.

‘Marko does not believe in conspiracy theory’

Some whisper it’s all a plot to show Horner the door. A journalist prodded Marko for some tea. Marko, as cryptic as ever, brushed off the conspiracy chatter. “A conspiracy against Horner? Pfft,” he might as well have said. “The guy’s been solid for us.” But get this – Horner’s facing the music this Friday. An independent lawyer’s gonna grill him about the whole mess. And in a week? Red Bull Racing unveils the RB20. Verstappen and Sergio Perez are itching to take it for a spin, championship dreams in their eyes.

So, yeah. Drama’s brewing in the F1 world, and it’s not just about the races. Stay tuned, folks.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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