Marko’s Future Plan Following Meeting with Red Bull Boss

Max Verstappen defended Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko amid suspension rumors, a gesture that deeply touched Marko, who confirmed his attendance in Melbourne despite the challenges and emphasized the team’s need for peace to focus on winning the championship.


‣ Max Verstappen defended Helmut Marko after hearing about an investigation into the Red Bull adviser, which Marko appreciated, highlighting the strong character and loyalty of Verstappen.

‣ Marko had a positive meeting with Red Bull boss Oliver Mintzlaff and confirmed he would be in Melbourne, indicating that the rumors about his suspension were not official and had been addressed.

‣ The Red Bull Formula One team is seeking more peace internally to focus on winning the championship, acknowledging the challenges they face in achieving a fourth title for Max Verstappen.

‣ Despite the recent turmoil within the team involving both Christian Horner and Helmut Marko, Marko remains committed to Formula One, emphasizing the resilience needed to survive in the sport.

After rumors swirled about Helmut Marko facing a possible suspension, Max Verstappen didn’t hesitate. He stood up for the Red Bull Racing advisor. This gesture deeply moved the 80-year-old Austrian. In a chat with Viaplay, he hinted at what’s next for him.

### Marko Talks Red Bull Drama
Upon hearing of the investigation into the Red Bull adviser, Verstappen was quick to defend Marko. “Not many people show such strong character and loyalty,” Marko expressed his gratitude to Viaplay. He felt proud and thankful for Verstappen’s support.

Following the buzz, Marko had a sit-down with Red Bull’s head honcho, Oliver Mintzlaff. “It was a good meeting,” he remarked. When prodded about his immediate plans, he revealed, “I’ll be in Melbourne.” He acknowledged the rumors but appreciated the chance to clarify things.

However, the atmosphere within the Formula One team remains tense. “We need more peace,” as Jos put it. Striving for a championship win is no small feat. “There will be tough races,” Marko admitted, eyeing a fourth title for Max.

Recent developments have put a strain on both Christian Horner and now Marko. The stress is visible. “After so many years in motor racing, you learn to handle it. Or you don’t survive,” Marko concluded, reflecting on the challenges in Formula One.

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