Massa’s soap opera continues: Brazilian set to skip Interlagos

Felipe Massa is unlikely to attend the Brazilian Grand Prix due to his belief that he is entitled to the 2008 world title, which is currently being addressed through a legal situation, and his exclusion as an ambassador for Formula 1 this year.


‣ Felipe Massa will most likely be absent from the Brazilian Grand Prix.
‣ Massa claims to be entitled to the 2008 world title due to the crashgate scandal.
‣ Formula 1 preferred Massa not to attend races in Italy and Japan.
‣ Massa is contemplating not attending the Brazilian Grand Prix due to the ongoing legal situation.

Title: Felipe Massa’s absence from Brazilian Grand Prix: A Controversy Surrounding the 2008 World Title

Paragraph 1:
Felipe Massa, a former Formula 1 driver from Sao Paulo, is unlikely to attend the Brazilian Grand Prix this year, breaking the tradition of previous years. The reason behind this absence is the ongoing row surrounding the 2008 world title. Massa claims that he is entitled to the championship due to Nelson Piquet Jr’s deliberate crash at the Singapore Grand Prix. This controversy has created uncertainty around Massa’s participation in the upcoming race.

Paragraph 2:
The 2008 world title dispute revolves around the revelation made by Bernie Ecclestone, the former boss of Formula 1, earlier this year. Ecclestone admitted that he and then-FIA president Max Mosley were aware of the crashgate scandal but chose not to take any action at the time. If the race had been declared null and void, Massa would have secured more points than Lewis Hamilton, making him the champion for that year.

Paragraph 3:
Massa had originally planned to attend the races in Italy and Japan as an ambassador, but Formula 1 preferred him not to come to Monza. Due to personal reasons, Massa then decided to skip Japan as well. When asked about his attendance at the Brazilian Grand Prix, Massa stated that there had been no discussion or invitation regarding his role as an ambassador. He also indicated that he might not participate in the race due to the ongoing legal situation.

Paragraph 4:
Massa’s unresolved claim for the 2008 world title may potentially lead to a lawsuit, although it is uncertain whether it will actually happen. His lawyers are currently working on sorting out the legal aspects and making necessary preparations. Thus, the controversy surrounding the championship continues to impact Massa’s involvement in Formula 1 events, including his potential absence from the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Original Quote:
“About Brazil, nothing was discussed, we haven’t had any contact since that moment before Monza until now,” Massa told Whether he would go to the race on his own? “I believe I won’t. I would [only] go to the races as an ambassador. But I 100% respect the [legal] situation that is happening at the moment, perhaps [to the point] of not going because of [all] that is happening. But there was no invitation and no conversation about my work as ambassador, so I don’t think I should participate.”

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