Max & Kelly’s Relationship Grows More Romantic, Increasing Competition

Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 drivers, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, answered fans’ questions on TikTok, with Perez revealing that he thinks in English during Grands Prix, enjoys driving the car most in Formula 1, and jokingly described his relationship with Verstappen as having become “a lot more romantic”.


‣ Red Bull Racing allowed fans to ask questions to Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez via TikTok, where they answered the funniest questions.
‣ Sergio Perez revealed that what he likes most about Formula 1 is driving the car and that he thinks in English during Grands Prix.
‣ Perez also shared insights about his relationship with Verstappen, dispelling media speculations of a fragile relationship between the two.
‣ In response to a question about how their relationship has evolved, Perez jokingly replied that it’s become a lot more romantic.

Formula 1 drivers are no strangers to the media spotlight. They’re often caught up in serious interviews, discussing a wide range of topics. But this week, Red Bull Racing decided to switch things up a bit. They gave fans a unique opportunity to ask questions to Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. And where did this Q&A session take place? On TikTok, of all places. The drivers had a blast answering some of the funniest questions thrown their way.

Perez, the Mexican driver, shared some interesting tidbits about his Formula 1 experience. When asked about his favorite part of Formula 1, his answer was simple and straight to the point: “Driving the car.” But what about the language he thinks in during Grands Prix? “Definitely in English,” he revealed.

But that’s not all Perez had to say. He also opened up about his relationship with Verstappen. Now, there’s been some chatter in the media about the dynamics between the two drivers. Some speculated that their relationship might be a bit rocky. This speculation was fueled by incidents like the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix. Verstappen didn’t let Perez pass him during the race’s final stages, and that raised some eyebrows.

So, one curious fan decided to ask the burning question: What’s the real deal between Verstappen and Perez? How has their relationship evolved since they first met? Perez, always the joker, responded with a grin, “It’s got a lot more romantic!”

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Albert Ramirez
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