Max Verstappen Discusses Women’s Physical Capabilities in F1 Racing

Max Verstappen believes that while it is challenging for women to enter Formula 1 due to the small percentage of drivers who make it to that level, if a woman is talented and trains hard, she could have the opportunity to compete in the sport.


‣ There has been a recent push to support women in motorsport, including initiatives like the W-series and the F1 Academy.
‣ Max Verstappen, a successful Formula 1 driver, believes it is difficult for women to enter Formula 1 due to the small percentage of drivers who make it to this level and the even smaller number of female drivers.
‣ Verstappen suggests that physical capability is not a barrier for women, as they can handle the demands of the sport with sufficient training.
‣ He also believes that gender does not influence team bosses’ decisions when choosing drivers; if a woman is outperforming others, she will have the opportunity to reach Formula 1.

In recent times, there’s been a surge in support for women in motorsport. The W-series kicked things off, and now we have the F1 Academy, which has been around since this season. Max Verstappen, a name you might recognize, hails from a family of racers. Many reckon his racing chops come from his mom, Sophie Kumpen.

Verstappen was quizzed about his thoughts on getting female drivers into Formula 1. He admitted it’s a tough nut to crack. Let’s face it, only a handful of drivers make it to Formula 1, to begin with. So, for women, the odds are even more stacked, given the fewer number of female drivers.

Training hard, that’s the mantra. Women believe they can cut it physically if they put in the work. Verstappen echoes this sentiment. He reckons talent is the ticket. “I don’t think team bosses or decision-makers are like, ‘Oh no, we only go for men.’ If a woman is outpacing everyone else, they’ll naturally get a shot at Formula 1,” Verstappen opined.

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Albert Ramirez
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