McLaren Driver Upset Over Autism Tweet Regarding Stroll

McLaren driver Bianca Bustamante has apologized to Lance Stroll for liking a social media post that was derogatory towards him, explaining that she accidentally liked the post and does not condone or support ableist comments.


‣ McLaren driver Bianca Bustamante apologized for ‘liking’ a post on social media that was derogatory towards fellow driver Lance Stroll.
‣ The post in question was a response to a TikTok video labeling Bustamante as ‘overrated’, and included a snide remark about Stroll, implying he bought his way into the sport.
‣ Bustamante’s ‘like’ was interpreted as support for the comment about Stroll, leading to backlash and prompting her to issue an apology.
‣ In her apology, Bustamante stated that she accidentally liked the tweet and does not condone or support ableist comments, as she has a personal connection to autism through her brother.

Bianca Bustamante, a McLaren driver, has said sorry to Lance Stroll. She’s a Filipino racer. She ‘liked’ a not-so-nice post about Stroll on X. The next day, she said sorry.

A TikTok video about Bustamante started it all. The 18-year-old McLaren employee was called ‘overrated’ in the video. Someone on X (Twitter in the past) responded to the video. We don’t know who they are.

Their words? “How can you call her overrated? Some people buy their way into the sport. Like ‘autism Stroll’. They’re talented, but without Daddy’s money, they’d be replaced in a heartbeat. Don’t call her overrated until she gets her shot.”

Stroll was accused of being autistic. That’s not cool. Bustamante ‘liked’ the post. So, she seemed to support the mean comment about Stroll. This was shared online. Bustamante then made a long statement on X.

“I’m really sorry. I admit I made a mistake. I liked a tweet that was inappropriate. I can’t believe I hurt so many people. I was just scrolling and accidentally liked the tweet. When I realized, I immediately unliked it. My only brother has autism. I know the challenges faced by autistic people.”

“I would never condone ableism. I wouldn’t support an ableist tweet against another driver. Autism is a serious and personal topic for me. I’m sorry to Lance Stroll and anyone else I’ve offended. I don’t support these types of comments. I hope the racing community understands this was a mistake. I’m really sorry.”

Bustamante got a deal from McLaren this year. She’s often seen in the brand’s colors on the paddock. She’ll also join the F1 Academy for McLaren in 2024.

She shared a picture on Twitter. “I don’t usually share much about my personal life. But my brother has always been my motivation. I’m truly sorry to the entire Autism community.”

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