McLaren Expresses Major Concerns about Red Bull/AlphaTauri Partnership

McLaren CEO Zak Brown has expressed concerns about the intensifying collaboration between Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri, and is hoping that the FIA’s controls are strict enough to prevent any unfair advantages.


‣ McLaren has expressed concerns over the intensifying collaboration between Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri, fearing that the two teams will exploit their alliance to gain an unfair advantage.
‣ CEO Zak Brown has called for a review of the governance of the sport around technical alliances, suggesting that the current rules may not be sufficient to prevent potential abuses.
‣ AlphaTauri has transferred staff from Italy to Britain, a move that other teams believe is not just about cost-saving but could also benefit Red Bull in various ways.
‣ There are suspicions that AlphaTauri may be sharing information or updates with Red Bull, which would be against the rules. Brown has called on the FIA to strictly control such potential breaches.

McLaren’s got a bit of a worry on their hands. Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri, they’re getting cozy again. Zak Brown, the big boss at McLaren, he’s aware. He knows these two teams will milk their alliance for all it’s worth. All he can do is cross his fingers and hope the FIA’s got their eyes wide open.

McLaren’s got the jitters

“Big concerns, that’s what we’ve got over this AlphaTauri and Red Bull alliance,” Brown spilled to Red Bull’s stance? They’re playing by the rules. But McLaren, they’re not buying it. Even the FIA doing their checks and not finding any foul play, it’s not enough to calm the storm in Brown’s mind.

AlphaTauri’s been moving staff from Faenza to Britain this season. Bicester, a quaint British town, is now home to AlphaTauri’s aerodynamics department. More staff are being stationed there, all in the name of cost-cutting. Or so Red Bull claims. Other teams, they’re not so sure.

“It’s like two teams under one roof, something you won’t see in other sports. It’s a big advantage for Red Bull. There’s a reason they’re moving their people from Italy,” Brown pointed out. He’s aware that Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s top dog, has made it clear they’ll use every rule in the book to benefit from having two teams in Formula 1. “I get it, it’s within the rules. But we need to reevaluate the sport’s governance around technical alliances.”

FIA needs to keep a close eye

Teams can’t just share information willy-nilly. They’ve got budget caps to consider, and a limited number of hours for wind tunnel testing. Some F1 teams find it odd that AlphaTauri’s been introducing updates throughout the season, mainly to boost their performance in low-speed corners. That’s where the RB19 was lacking.

Is it possible that AlphaTauri’s info or updates are finding their way to Red Bull? The FIA’s job is to prevent that. But Brown, he’s not entirely convinced that this technical alliance is playing by the rules.

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