McLaren Optimistic: Red Bull Not as Fast as Feared

McLaren driver Oscar Piastri is relieved that Red Bull Racing’s dominance is not as overwhelming as feared, despite their modifications, as he finds his team’s performance at the start of the 2024 season promising compared to last year.


– ‣ All F1 teams were concerned about Red Bull Racing’s potential dominance in the 2024 season after their impressive performance in 2023.
– ‣ Red Bull introduced notable modifications to their car for the 2024 season, which initially surprised many but ultimately led to Max Verstappen winning the first race with a significant lead.
– ‣ McLaren driver Oscar Piastri expressed relief that Red Bull’s speed was not as overwhelming as feared, indicating a competitive gap similar to the previous year.
– ‣ Piastri is satisfied with McLaren’s performance at the start of the 2024 season, noting improvements from the previous year and anticipating competitive races against Mercedes and Ferrari, despite Red Bull’s clear advantage.

Every F1 team had the same nagging worry before the 2024 season kicked off. “Will Red Bull leave everyone in the dust again like last year?” they wondered. Oscar Piastri, the McLaren hotshot, breathed a sigh of relief, though. Turns out, the Red Bull beast wasn’t roaring as loudly as they’d feared.

Red Bull’s 2023 run was nothing short of legendary. Snagging 21 wins out of 22? That’s bonkers. Naturally, the competition was sweating bullets. The gap between them and Red Bull was like comparing a cheetah to a house cat. But then, Red Bull rolled out their 2024 car, and jaws dropped. They’d tweaked more bits and bobs than anyone expected.

### Oscar Piastri is kinda chill about Red Bull’s speed

Those tweaks? Well, they did wonders for the RB20. Verstappen zoomed past the finish line, a whopping 22 seconds ahead. Piastri, though, wasn’t too shook. Post-qualifying, he’d hinted that the Red Bull didn’t look all that. After the race, he kinda walked that back. “It’s more or less what we figured,” he admitted. “They’re about where they were last year. Not shockingly ahead, but yeah, still the ones to beat.”

The folks at McLaren are probably throwing a mini-party. They’ve kicked off this season on a much brighter note than the last. Piastri’s feeling pretty jazzed about his car’s zip. “Not a shabby start,” he says. “We’re neck and neck with Mercedes, trailing Ferrari a bit, and Red Bull’s in a league of their own. But hey, it’s only the beginning. Different tracks, different vibes. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find our groove.” He’s optimistic, and why not? His performance was solid, and that’s a win in his book.

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