Mercedes Aims to Become World Champion by 2024

Mercedes’ Formula One team, led by technical director James Allison, is aiming to become world champion in the 2024 season, despite recent challenges and changes in regulations.


‣ Mercedes’ Formula One team, led by technical director James Allison, is aiming to become world champion in the 2024 season.
‣ The team has struggled in recent years, failing to capitalize on new regulations in 2022 and being overtaken by Red Bull Racing.
‣ Allison expressed his ambitions in the Performance People podcast, stating that his focus is on winning Championships, both Constructors’ and Drivers’.
‣ He acknowledges the historical trend of dominant teams losing power following rule changes, but hopes that Mercedes has done enough to remain competitive.

Mercedes’ Formula One team is brimming with ambition. James Allison, the technical director, has his sights set on one thing for the 2024 season: the world championship. But is that a realistic goal? Well, that’s up for debate. Regardless, Mercedes is diving headfirst into what can only be described as an “ambitious program”.

The past few years have been a bit of a head-scratcher for Mercedes. After seasons of ruling the roost in Formula 1, the German team stumbled when new regulations were introduced in 2022. Red Bull Racing, with Max Verstappen at the helm, managed to outpace Lewis Hamilton and George Russell‘s team. But Allison is hopeful this won’t last.

Mercedes: Eyes on the Prize

Allison opened up on the Performance People podcast, admitting he’s unsure if a world title in 2024 is a realistic expectation. “I hope we’ve laid enough groundwork to put us in the running,” he said. But what does “winning” mean? Winning a race? Or winning a Championship?

For Allison, it’s all about the Championships. “That’s what Formula 1 is: a Constructors’ and a Drivers’ Championship. I hope we’ve done enough to put us in the running for both,” he said. But he’s aware that history isn’t on his side. Dominant teams usually have to wait for the next rule change before they can reclaim their throne.

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