Mercedes Boss Wolff Identifies Areas for Team Improvement

Despite a total overhaul of their car, Mercedes has only managed a fifth-place finish as their best result this season, but Toto Wolff remains optimistic, highlighting ongoing improvements and aiming for better performance at the Australian Grand Prix.


– ‣ Despite a total overhaul of the Mercedes car, the team has not yet achieved the speed to compete effectively with Ferrari or Red Bull Racing, with a fifth-place finish as their best result this season.
– ‣ Toto Wolff, the team principal, remains optimistic, noting that the factory has been working hard on improvements since the race in Saudi Jeddah, particularly aiming to enhance performance in high-speed corners.
– ‣ Wolff believes that Mercedes had the potential to score more points in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and sees the Australian Grand Prix as an opportunity to demonstrate the car’s capabilities and potentially set a new team record for consecutive points finishes.
– ‣ There is a focus on continuous development and improvement, with Wolff highlighting the energy and determination within the team to unlock the car’s potential in the upcoming races.

Mercedes had their sights set higher, for sure. A fifth-place finish? That’s their season’s best so far. Not exactly the dream scenario. They’ve revamped their car, but it’s still not zipping past Ferrari, and Red Bull Racing? Forget about it. Yet, Toto Wolff is somehow keeping his spirits up, even with the Australian Grand Prix looming.

So, what’s the buzz from the Mercedes camp? Wolff, hailing from Austria, spills that they’ve been all hands on deck with the W15 since that race in Saudi Jeddah. He’s seeing potential, he says, but admits there’s room to grow. “In the twisty bits, we’re solid. It’s the fast stretches where we lag,” Wolff candidly shared.

The team’s been in detective mode, trying to figure out why their car’s not living up to the hype. Wolff’s laser-focused on boosting their speed. “Melbourne’s our next shot,” he says, hopeful. The vibe in the factories? All about cranking up that car’s capabilities.

### Wolff believes in a better result will come in Melbourne

Wolff’s not shy about the missed opportunities in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. “We kicked off strong but just couldn’t seal the deal,” he reflects. With the competition breathing down their necks, every race weekend’s a chance to edge closer to their true potential. And Albert Park? Wolff’s all eyes on that prize. “It’s a stellar track, in an electric city. We’re pumped to be heading back,” he enthuses.

Here’s a fun fact: Mercedes is on the brink of setting a new team record in Australia. They’ve scored in 62 Grands Prix back-to-back. Hitting 63? That’s uncharted territory for them. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton is staring down a less enviable record—potentially finishing outside the top five for the sixth race in a row. Quite the mix of anticipation and pressure, huh?

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