Mercedes drivers don’t blame Elliott for incident

Mike Elliott recently left his position as Chief Technical Officer at Mercedes, and while some view him negatively in relation to the team’s disappointing performance, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell both refuse to blame him for the situation.


– Mike Elliott left his position as chief technical officer at Mercedes
– Lewis Hamilton and George Russell do not blame Elliott for disappointing team performance
– Hamilton and Russell emphasize collective responsibility
– Elliott was important part of the team during successful period

Mike Elliott has left his role as chief technical officer at Mercedes, and some people are suggesting that this is due to the team’s less than stellar recent performance. Lewis Hamilton, however, has pointed out that their struggles aren’t the fault of any one person, saying, “nothing is down to one person. We do everything as a team.” Hamilton added, “It’s his decision to move on and do something different. I wish him absolutely all the best and I’m super grateful for all his contributions over these years,” in reference to Elliott’s departure.

George Russell is also supportive of Elliott, saying, “It was never one individual who makes or breaks success. It’s always a collective.” Furthermore, he emphasized Elliott’s role in the past success of the team, stating, “Mike has been a huge part of the team and it’s very important that we remember he was the chief aerodynamicist during all of the glory years.” He also stated, “Mike has been a huge part of that success and I wish him well,” further expressing his support for the former CTO.

Elliott, who left after 11 years at Mercedes, was replaced by James Allison, who switched roles with him earlier this year. Whether Elliott’s departure will lead to a change in the team’s trajectory remains to be seen, but those directly affected by this move are supportive of his contributions to the team.

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