Mercedes Explains Cold Weekend in Las Vegas

Despite a disappointing performance at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Mercedes remains optimistic about future races, with engineer Andrew Shovlin praising the circuit for its overtaking opportunities and expressing excitement about returning in 2024.


‣ The Mercedes team, consisting of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, are in a battle with Ferrari for second place in the world championship.
‣ Ferrari gained more points due to a second-place finish from Charles Leclerc in the Las Vegas Grand Prix.
‣ Mercedes engineer, Andrew Shovlin, mentioned the cold weather created challenges for the team in terms of tyre temperature and warm-up.
‣ Despite criticisms and challenges, Shovlin is looking forward to returning to the Las Vegas circuit in 2024, believing they will be better prepared.

Mercedes might not be thrilled about the Las Vegas Grand Prix. It didn’t quite live up to their expectations. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, the team’s dynamic duo, are locked in a thrilling tussle with Ferrari. They’re vying for the coveted second place in the world championship.

Ferrari, though, had a good day. They scooped up a decent chunk of points, thanks to Charles Leclerc’s impressive second-place finish. Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes’ engineer, had a few words to share post-race.

He said, “It’s cold, and that’s a problem for us.” The cold weather messes with tyre temperature, warm-up, and graining. But, he admitted, “Saturday’s race was a spectacle.” There was some top-notch racing, and the circuit proved to be a good one for overtaking.

Despite the less-than-ideal results, Shovlin remains upbeat. Racing in the gambling city wasn’t a surefire hit. Before the weekend, critics had a go at the track. They said it made overtaking too predictable. The circuit had 17 corners, but many were just slight bends.

Shovlin shared, “It’s hard to predict the overtaking situation before you race on a track.” But he’s looking forward to returning next year. “It’s on the calendar for a good while, and we’ll be better prepared in 2024,” he concluded.

In other news, the Power Rankings for GP Las Vegas are out. Verstappen lost to Leclerc, with Ocon coming in third.

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