Mercedes Reflects on 2024: Many Missed Opportunities

Mercedes is battling for the second spot in the constructors’ championship, with only four points separating them from Ferrari, and despite a challenging season, driver George Russell remains hopeful of maximising their performance.


‣ Mercedes is determined to secure the second spot in the constructors’ championship, currently only four points ahead of Ferrari.
‣ Despite not winning, a second-place finish would be seen as a success for Mercedes, given the dominance of Red Bull Racing this season.
‣ George Russell, a driver for Mercedes, has expressed frustration at the missed opportunities and lack of smoothness in the season.
‣ Despite the challenges, Mercedes is looking forward to the final race and is already setting sights on improvements for the next year.

Mercedes is in the ring and ready to duke it out for that much-desired second place in the constructors’ championship. The final Grand Prix is the battlefield. The team, led by Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, is just four points away from Ferrari.

Even if they don’t nab the top spot, a second-place finish isn’t a loss. It’s more of an “all’s well that ends well” scenario. Sure, Mercedes hasn’t won yet. But, a second-place finish would mean they’ve squeezed out every last drop of optimization, trailing only behind the untouchable Red Bull Racing.

George Russell sums it up: “It’s been a very, very strange season.” The team has had its moments of brilliance, but the results haven’t always reflected that. Russell admits, “There’s been a huge amount of missed opportunities in many regards.” It’s been a bumpy ride, no doubt. But, Russell believes in the power of good fortune when things are going smoothly.

But what about when things aren’t going so well? Russell has an answer for that too. “When you’re on the back foot you tend to have bad luck and I’m not one for believing in luck, I think you make your own luck.” The solution? Be faster. Then, lady luck will be on their side.

A Grand Prix victory hasn’t happened yet, unlike the previous year. Despite a rocky start, Mercedes eventually found success through hard work. “I think we finished in the top five more than any other driver, and this year I feel that I’ve upped my game,” Russell says.

This year, the competition has been fierce. McLaren joined the fight in the second half, and Aston was there at the start. But Mercedes is focused on the present. Their goal is to secure that P2 in the championship. And then? It’s all eyes on next year.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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