Mercedes’ Struggles After Brazil GP

Mercedes’s Trackside Engineering Director is extremely disappointed with the team’s poor performance at the Brazilian Grand Prix and admits that the car did not deserve a win.


– Mercedes performed poorly in the Brazilian Grand Prix
– The team was disappointed with their performance
– There were issues with the car setup
– The team is determined to understand and fix what went wrong

The Brazilian Grand Prix results came as a huge disappointment to Andrew Shovlin, Mercedes’ Trackside Engineering Director. Mercedes surprised many when they managed to win both the sprint race and the Grand Prix with George Russell, and the team saw both lapses in performance in Sao Paulo as a significant setback.

Shovlin noted the limitations of the changes that could be made to the car between races in the press release, explaining that the team knew it would be difficult to improve performance but wanted to attempt to make a difference anyway. The struggles on the track were evident, and the drivers found themselves managing tires while dealing with a lack of top speed throughout the race. George Russell’s race had to be cut short due to an issue with his car’s cooling system.

He specifically called out the team’s setup, noting that the performance deficiencies in the recent races had not been an issue until the Brazilian Grand Prix. Shovlin emphasized, “We’re obviously disappointed and we will work hard to understand and fix what we got wrong this weekend.”

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff was also surprised by the disappointing performance in Brazil. He remarked, “This car does not deserve a win,” echoing Shovlin’s sentiments about the team’s unexpected struggles on the Sao Paulo circuit.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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