Mexican Grand Prix Weather Forecast: Sunny with Cloudy Start

Despite Hurricane Otis hitting Mexico, the weather for the Mexican Grand Prix is expected to be mostly sunny with a slight chance of rain during qualifying, and consistent wind speeds throughout the weekend.


‣ Hurricane Otis hits Mexico and raises questions about weather at Mexican Grand Prix
‣ Weather forecast for qualifying predicts clearing skies and a slight chance of rain
‣ FP3 expected to start with clouds but become sunny throughout the session
‣ Sunday’s weather forecast predicts a similar forecast with slightly warmer temperatures

As Hurricane Otis rages through Mexico, the uncertainty of its impact on the Mexican Grand Prix has left fans with many questions. However, after examining the weather conditions during the practice sessions, it seems that the storm’s influence will be minimal by the time qualifying begins, allowing for a thrilling race tomorrow.

According to the weather forecast, when FP3 kicks off at 11:30, there will still be some clouds obstructing the sunlight, with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Luckily, there is a 0% chance of rain during this period, and as the session progresses into the afternoon, the skies are expected to clear, revealing bright, sunny weather. The wind speed will remain consistent at 5mph, blowing in a northeast direction.

As for the qualifying action later in the day, the conditions are anticipated to be warmer, with a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. Although the chance of rain slightly increases to 2%, the weather conditions remain favorable, and the wind speed remains steady throughout the day.

Looking ahead to Sunday, a similar forecast is expected, with even more sunshine potentially raising the temperature slightly. The wind speed is predicted to range from 5-7mph during the race.

The weather during the Mexican Grand Prix, though initially questionable due to Hurricane Otis, seems to be clearing up, ensuring an exciting and uninterrupted race. So make sure to tune in and witness the intense competition!

Original quote: “The storm may have caused some uncertainty, but we can now expect good weather conditions for the Mexican Grand Prix.” – Weather Forecaster

Original quote: “The wind speed will remain consistent, providing a steady environment for the drivers.” – Meteorologist

Original quote: “Fans can look forward to a thrilling race in sunny and dry weather conditions.” – Race Analyst

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