Michael Schumacher’s Inner Circle: Authorized Visitors List

Michael Schumacher‘s health condition remains largely private, with only a select group of people, including family, close friends, and former colleagues, given permission by his wife, Corinna, to visit him following his 2013 skiing accident.


‣ Michael Schumacher’s health situation remains largely private since his skiing accident in 2013, with only a small group of people allowed to visit him.
‣ Recently, Mick Schumacher’s Danish girlfriend, Laila Hasanovic, was given permission to visit Michael Schumacher, indicating a close relationship between the couple.
‣ Outside the family, regular visitors to Michael Schumacher include Luca Badoer, Sabine Kehm, Felipe Massa, and Jean Todt, all of whom have had close relationships with Schumacher in the past.
‣ Individuals who have spoken publicly about Schumacher’s medical condition, such as Willi Weber, Eddie Jordan, and Rubens Barrichello, have been denied access.

Gossip’s always swirling, right? But when it comes to Michael Schumacher’s health, it’s a mystery. The seven-time Formula 1 champ’s been under wraps since a nasty skiing accident in 2013. His family? They’ve been shielding him from the public eye, big time.

Only a select few get the green light from Corinna Schumacher, his wife, to visit. That circle? It’s grown a bit recently. Mick, their son’s Danish girlfriend, got the invite just before Christmas. Her name’s Laila Hasanovic, a Danish model and a finalist at Miss Universe Denmark in 2019.

Gina, Schumacher’s daughter, and her partner are also on the guest list. Oh, and by the way, Gina and Iain Bethke are tying the knot next summer. Big news, huh?

Who’s on the Schumacher guest list?

Outside the family, there’s Luca Badoer. He’s a regular at Michael’s. He was a test driver at Ferrari when Schumacher was racing for them. They’ve always been tight. Sabine Kehm, the family’s manager, is also a regular. Felipe Massa, Schumacher’s old teammate at Ferrari, gets to see him now and then.

And then there’s Jean Todt. He’s the former Ferrari team boss and ex-FIA president. He’s known to drop by Schumacher’s villa in Majorca.

But not everyone’s welcome. Some folks who were close to Schumacher but later spilled the beans about his health? They’ve been shown the door. This includes Willi Weber, Schumacher’s ex-manager, Eddie Jordan (the team boss who gave Schumacher his Formula 1 debut), and Rubens Barrichello (ex-teammate).

Mick and Laila: A serious item?

The Schumacher family’s made it crystal clear to Hasanovic: No leaks to the press. If she slips up, she’ll be cut off from Michael. But the fact that she’s allowed to visit Mick’s dad? That’s a pretty big hint that things are getting serious between these two lovebirds.

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