Michael Schumacher’s Unclear Condition: The Update Fans Need to Know

Since Michael Schumacher‘s skiing accident in 2013, information about his health condition has been sparse due to the family’s desire to protect his privacy and the potential for ongoing media scrutiny if updates were provided.


‣ Since Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident in 2013, news about his condition has been scarce.
‣ The Schumacher family’s lawyer explains that privacy and personal protection are the reasons behind the limited information.
‣ The media’s constant interest and inquiries make it difficult to provide updates without compromising privacy.
‣ Some reports have been shared by individuals close to Schumacher, but the lawyer has no control over this.

The lack of news surrounding Michael Schumacher’s condition since his skiing accident in 2013 has raised questions among fans and media alike. In a recent interview with LTO, Felix Damm, the lawyer for the Schumacher family, shed some light on why this information has been kept private. Damm states, “It was always about protecting private life. Of course, we talked about how we could do this. We also considered publishing a final report on Michael’s health. However, that would not have been the final one because then people would have wanted updates again anyway.”

Damm acknowledges that fans are eager to know more about Schumacher’s health, but he also emphasizes the importance of privacy and personal protection in this situation. “The majority of fans can live with it (that little information is coming out) and also respect that the accident has triggered a number of issues where personal protection is necessary and will also be constantly monitored,” Damm concluded.

Although little official information has been released, there have been sporadic reports from individuals who are still close to Schumacher. Jean Todt, for example, has stated that he regularly visits Schumacher. However, Damm clarifies that he has no control over these reports.

The Schumacher family’s commitment to safeguarding Michael’s privacy and ensuring his ongoing personal protection is understandable. While fans may be left wanting more updates on the racing legend’s condition, respecting his privacy remains paramount.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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