New Documentary on Michael Schumacher TV Premiere in Dec

German broadcaster ARD is coming out with a new documentary series called ‘Being Michael Schumacher‘ which will go through the life and career of the driver, and it comes after Netflix released a documentary about Schumacher in 2021 and after his lawyer considers publishing a final report on his health.


‣ A new documentary series called ‘Being Michael Schumacher’ is set to release on German broadcaster ARD.
‣ The documentary will explore Schumacher’s career from his start at the go-kart track in Kerpen to his seventh world title and will give an update on his current condition.
‣ A previous documentary about Schumacher was released on Netflix in 2021, featuring an update from his wife Corinna on his rehabilitation.
‣ Schumacher’s lawyer considered publishing a “final report” on Michael’s health but also feels that his personal protection is necessary.

German broadcaster ARD announced a new documentary series about Michael Schumacher with filmmaker Andreas Troll taking an in-depth look at the seven-time World Champion’s life. The documentary, ‘Being Michael Schumacher,’ comes out exactly ten years after the former driver’s skiing accident.

This new documentary seems to highlight Schumacher’s career, starting from his go-kart days in Kerpen to his seventh world title. It also touches on Schumacher’s life post-accident. Adding to this recent development, a quote from his wife from the 2021 Netflix documentary encompasses the details after the accident. Corinna Schumacher shared, “He’s different, but here,” giving fans a small update on how the former driver is doing now.

This came after a statement from Schumacher’s lawyer, Felix Damm, over one week ago. Damm expressed an understanding of fans’ desire for more information but also stressed the importance of Schumacher’s personal protection. He mentioned the consideration of publishing a “final report” detailing Schumacher’s health for the public.

With the attention this new series is likely to receive, many fans of Schumacher look forward to learning more about his extraordinary life and are equally concerned about his health and well-being. It also speaks to the public’s interest in holding out hope for new information on Schumacher’s condition as we approach the 10th anniversary of his skiing accident.

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