New Team Boss at Red Bull Racing: Potential Candidates

Red Bull has initiated an independent investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior by team principal Christian Horner, amidst a power struggle with advisor Helmut Marko, with Jonathan Wheatley being considered as a potential successor should Horner be removed.


‣ Red Bull has initiated an independent investigation to determine if team principal Christian Horner should retain his position amid allegations of inappropriate behavior.

‣ The allegations against Horner are serious, involving a power struggle with Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko, leading to Horner losing support from the Austrian side of the team.

‣ Despite the controversy, Horner continues to perform his duties, including representing Red Bull Racing at an F1 committee meeting in London.

‣ Potential successors for Horner’s position include Pierre Waché, the technical director, and Jonathan Wheatley, the sporting director, with Wheatley being the more likely candidate to allow Waché to focus on technical development.

Oh boy, Red Bull’s stirring the pot again. They’ve gone and launched an independent investigation. Why, you ask? Well, it’s all about whether Christian Horner, the big boss of the Red Bull Racing team, should keep his fancy title. Rumor has it, there’s been some not-so-nice behavior from the Brit.

Now, if Horner gets the boot, who’s gonna fill his shoes?

The buzz around Horner is pretty intense. Word on the street is, he’s been asked to kindly step aside. But, nope, he didn’t budge. And guess what? This whole drama might just be a power tussle with Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko. Drama, drama, drama.

Despite the whispers, Horner’s still at his desk, doing his thing. Yep, he even showed up at an F1 committee meeting in London on Monday. But, uh-oh, looks like he’s not the favorite child of the Austrian side of Red Bull anymore. The Thai side, owning a whopping 51%, might still be in his corner, though. That is, until the investigation spills the beans.

So, who’s up next?

Motorsport-Magazin dropped a hint: Helmut Marko isn’t eyeing Horner’s throne. That leaves us with Pierre Waché, the brains behind the car, and Jonathan Wheatley, the sporting director. Between the two, Wheatley seems like the guy, letting Waché stick to his tech wizardry. But, will Wheatley actually step up? Only time will tell.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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