Newey Balances Multiple Projects, Enjoys Variety

Adrian Newey, Red Bull’s Chief Technical Officer, is engaged in designing the RB20 for Max Verstappen‘s fourth Formula 1 world championship bid and the RB17 hypercar, enjoying the multitasking despite acknowledging the intense workload, especially during the busy 2021 season battling Mercedes for the world title.


‣ Adrian Newey is involved in designing and improving the RB20 for Max Verstappen’s fourth Formula 1 world championship bid and working on the RB17 hypercar project.

‣ Newey enjoys multitasking despite acknowledging it might not be seen as his strength by others, including his wife.

‣ 2021 was described as Newey’s busiest year, juggling the RB17 research, a tight championship battle with Mercedes, and adapting to new Formula One rules for 2022 with the RB18.

‣ Despite the challenges and long hours, Newey appreciates the variety of his work, indicating a passion for his diverse projects.

Adrian Newey, the brain behind Red Bull’s engineering marvels, is juggling not one, but two mammoth tasks. He’s knee-deep in the design and tweaks of the RB20. That’s the beast Max Verstappen will pilot, gunning for his fourth Formula 1 world championship. Oh, and there’s also the RB17. A hypercar that’s got the Red Bull team buzzing. Newey spilled the beans on the Talking Bull podcast, chatting about how he’s handling the juggle.

Multitasking? Newey’s all in. He finds a strange joy in it. “It’s something I enjoy,” he confesses. Though, he chuckles, his wife might not vouch for his multitasking prowess.

### Newey reveals his busiest year

Come 2021, and the heat was on. Red Bull and Mercedes were at each other’s throats, vying for the world title. Newey, amidst this chaos, wondered why he’d piled so much on his plate. “I totally brought it on myself because we started the 17 research,” he admits. The battle with Mercedes wasn’t just a skirmish; it was all-out war through the season.

And Newey? He was in the thick of it. “There’s a big development programme and a big push on trying to win that championship,” he recalls. But wait, there’s more. The team was also diving headfirst into uncharted waters with the RB18, thanks to a fresh set of Formula One rules in 2022. “So it was a very busy year,” Newey reflects. Long hours became the norm. Yet, it’s the variety that keeps his spirits high. “But I enjoy the variety. And I think that’s perhaps what’s important,” he muses.

In essence, Newey’s world is a whirlwind of innovation, challenges, and the occasional chuckle about multitasking. It’s a ride, alright.

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