Newey Caught in High-Stakes Battle Between Horner & Marko

Amidst internal tensions within Red Bull Racing, there are rumors that Christian Horner is considering reassigning Adrian Newey to the RB17 hypercar project, amidst a backdrop of power struggles and denials of Newey’s departure, highlighting the ongoing unrest within the team.


‣ Christian Horner is considering moving Adrian Newey to focus fully on the RB17 hypercar project, a move that could be seen as sidelining the key designer behind Max Verstappen‘s successful Grand Prix runs.

‣ Internal tensions within Red Bull Racing have been evident since the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, highlighted by Helmut Marko’s near suspension, which was ultimately avoided due to Max Verstappen’s support.

‣ Despite rumors and internal conflicts, Red Bull denies that Adrian Newey is leaving the team. However, upcoming FIA regulations could complicate Newey’s involvement in both the F1 team and the RB17 project under the budget cap.

‣ Adrian Newey has become a central figure in a power struggle within Red Bull Racing, with rumors of his departure or promotion seen as a move by Helmut Marko to further irritate Christian Horner.

Oh boy, it seems like the drama at Red Bull Racing isn’t taking a breather anytime soon. Just when you thought things might settle down, bam! A new plot twist. Word on the street (or rather, from the folks at Auto, Motor und Sport) is that Christian Horner’s got a new plan. He’s thinking about shifting Adrian Newey over to focus solely on the RB17 hypercar project. Yep, the very same Newey whose genius designs have been helping Max Verstappen rack up those Grand Prix wins.

Now, let’s not forget the recent turbulence. Since the Saudi Arabia race, it’s been no secret that the team’s been a bit… rocky. Helmut Marko, the guy who’s usually in Verstappen’s corner, dropped a bombshell last week. He was on the verge of getting the boot, thanks to a little nudge from Horner and Red Bull’s Thai major shareholder. But, plot twist – Verstappen wasn’t having any of it. He made it crystal clear: “If Marko’s out, I’m out.” Talk about loyalty.

Red Bull denies Newey departure

As for Newey, he’s keeping his cards close to his chest. Is he Team Horner or Team Marko/Verstappen? The rumor mill suggests he’s leaning towards the latter, especially now that whispers of his “promotion” by Horner are making rounds. But hold your horses – Red Bull’s saying, “Nope, Newey’s not going anywhere.” They’re pretty proud of the RB17, Newey’s baby, and they’re adamant he’s sticking around.

So, Newey’s still on the payroll, but here’s where it gets spicy. The FIA’s cooking up some new rules that might shake things up. These changes could make it super tricky, maybe even impossible, for folks to juggle roles within the organization while still dabbling in F1. The big question: Can Newey manage both his projects under these new constraints and stay within the budget cap? Horner seems to think it’s doable, assuming the FIA moves forward with these changes.

But let’s not lose sight of the real drama – Newey’s become the center of a power struggle that’s getting hotter by the minute. The Horner camp’s caught wind of the rumors that Newey might be on his way out, or at least getting a new title. And they’re convinced Marko’s stirring the pot, aiming to get under Horner’s skin.

This story’s got more twists than a racetrack, co-authored by yours truly and Tim Kraaij. Stay tuned, folks.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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