Newey Commends Verstappen’s Specific Attribute Shared by All Greats

Max Verstappen, a three-time world champion at Red Bull Racing, is aiming for a fourth title in 2024, with Red Bull’s technical lead Adrian Newey praising his driving skills and revealing the team is already working on the 2025 car.


‣ Max Verstappen, with three world titles at Red Bull Racing, is aiming for a fourth in 2024.
‣ Verstappen’s driving ability is highly praised by Red Bull technical man Adrian Newey, who describes him as being able to drive almost subconsciously.
‣ The RB20, Red Bull’s car for the 2024 Formula 1 season, is set to be presented early in the year.
‣ The Austrian racing team is already working on the 2025 car, indicating their forward-thinking approach.

Max Verstappen, huh? Three world titles under his belt with Red Bull Racing. He’s eyeing a fourth in 2024. Last season? He was the top dog on the F1 grid. Drove the RB19, a beast of a car. All thanks to Adrian Newey and his tech wizards at Red Bull.

Newey, he’s got a thing or two to say about Verstappen. “Like all the truly great drivers, you have the impression that he [Max Verstappen] can drive the car almost subconsciously,” he told The guy’s 65, but he knows his stuff.

“And that then leaves him with plenty of processing power to think about what the car is doing,” Newey added. He even spilled the beans on the RB19’s weakness.

Newey’s a fan of Verstappen’s skills

“So, that kind of ability to drive the car extremely quickly, but still have constant reserve is something which Max very clearly has and I would say all the true greats that I’ve worked with have also been the same,” Newey said. He’s a Brit, by the way. And he thinks Verstappen’s a breeze to work with.

Fast forward to 2024. The RB20’s about to make its debut for the new Formula 1 season. Ben Waterhouse, he’s saying the car’s already six months old. The Austrian racing team? They’re already cooking up the 2025 car.

The first Grand Prix of the F1 season? It’s happening on 2 March, in Bahrain. That’s when we’ll see where the teams stand with their cars. Exciting times, eh?

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