Newey Predicts Mercedes Will Struggle Until 2026

Mercedes is struggling and predicted to not win any world titles through 2025, while Red Bull Racing continues to excel.


‣ Mercedes is not performing well
‣ Red Bull Racing competition is getting stronger
‣ Newey was confident Red Bull would perform well
‣ Mercedes is losing their way and Newey believes they won’t win anything until 2025

Mercedes Faces Further Decline at the Close of the 2023 Season

The 2023 Formula 1 season has seen Mercedes lose considerable ground on their competition, particularly Red Bull Racing. Former team owner Eddie Jordan shared a revealing conversation with Adrian Newey in which Newey expressed his confidence that their current evolution would make it incredibly challenging for anyone else to catch up. Newey alluded to the possibility of an ‘exciting’ or ‘boring’ time for fans, depending on which team they favored.

Looking back at the numbers these warnings appear to be well founded since the points gap between Red Bull and competitors like Mercedes has grown significantly over the past year. Red Bull already has more points than last year. By comparison, Mercedes has seen a significant drop in points, from 515 down to 382, leaving very little chance of catching up.

Mercedes’ decline may be attributed to key strategic errors made following the success of last year’s Grand Prix. It was a mistake for Mercedes to veer from their successful concept. Moreover, the negative reports emerging from the British media regarding Toto Wolff, have raised questions about leadership within the team. Wolff’s behavior, particularly during difficult times, seems to have taken a toll, causing the team to lose crucial momentum and motivation.

What makes Red Bull continue to exceed expectations? Amid a rough patch for Red Bull, the team wasn’t quick to assign blame, but instead fostered a sense of unity. Mercedes, on the other hand, has begun to struggle with consistency, indicating a lack of understanding of the 2022 regulations. Amid an environment characterized by a lack of clarity and confidence in leadership, Mercedes’ departure from its original concept has raised concerns about its future chances.

Furthermore, Mercedes’ struggle to fully comprehend the regulations threatens their prospects of competing for a world title. Aston Martin, who attempted to emulate a concept beyond their understanding, exemplified the setback that may follow. Uncertainty looms over Mercedes, with the possibility that even a different concept in 2024 will not yield positive results. Looking ahead, it appears unlikely that Red Bull will face any serious opposition before 2026.

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