Newey Retirement Linked to Potential Horner Sacking at Red Bull

Peter Windsor discusses the potential impact of Christian Horner’s alleged inappropriate behavior and possible departure from Red Bull Racing on the team’s future and speculates on Adrian Newey’s career decisions, including retirement or a move to another team like Ferrari, in his new YouTube video.


‣ Red Bull Racing has initiated an independent investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior by team boss Christian Horner, particularly his authoritarian conduct towards a female colleague.

‣ Peter Windsor speculates on the potential impact on Red Bull Racing’s future if Christian Horner were to be dismissed, highlighting concerns about the team’s management and the future involvement of key personnel like Adrian Newey.

‣ Windsor discusses the possibility of Adrian Newey retiring or leaving Red Bull Racing if Christian Horner is no longer part of the team, given their close working relationship and Newey’s previous experiences with team politics.

‣ Despite speculation about Adrian Newey’s potential interest in joining Ferrari, Windsor doubts the feasibility and desirability of such a move at this stage in Newey’s career, considering his past challenges in politically charged team environments.

Peter Windsor’s latest video? Oh, it’s buzzing. Christian Horner’s the talk of the town, but not for reasons you might expect. Windsor, that old Williams team manager, steered clear of the gossip. Yet, he couldn’t help but ponder on what’s next for Red Bull Racing.

Now, here’s the juicy bit. Red Bull’s gone and hired an independent lawyer. Why? To dig into some not-so-great behavior by none other than Christian Horner. Allegedly, he’s been a bit too bossy, especially towards a female colleague. Windsor’s all over this in his YouTube spill.

“I think it’s an interesting point,” Windsor muses. What if, and it’s a big if, Christian gets the boot? The European press seems to think it’ll shake things up at Red Bull. Windsor’s scratching his head over Adrian Newey’s next move. “What’s he gonna do?” Windsor wonders.

### Why Newey might leave because of the Horner affair

Newey, he’s not getting any younger. Retirement? Windsor thinks it’s on the cards. Christian’s been his rock, the guy who gets him. If Horner’s out, it’s not just a bummer for him. Adrian’s future’s up in the air, big time.

But wait, there’s a twist. Ferrari’s seat for a technical director’s still warm. And Newey? He’s had his eye on that spot. Yet, Windsor’s not holding his breath. “Will he still want it?” he questions.

Windsor’s got doubts. Adrian at Williams wasn’t exactly a fairy tale, thanks to office politics. And McLaren with Ron Dennis? Same story. Christian was a breath of fresh air. Easier to work with, softer. Windsor thinks the Ferrari ship might’ve sailed for Newey.

So, there you have it. Windsor’s take on the whole Horner-Newey saga. It’s a mix of speculation, concern, and a bit of what-ifs. Only time will tell how this drama unfolds.

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