Newey Surprised by Unexpected Red Bull Performance

Max Verstappen dominated the Bahrain Formula 1 race, achieving a Grand Slam and surprising both himself and Red Bull’s Adrian Newey with the car’s performance, while Sergio Perez finished a strong second.


– ‣ Max Verstappen dominated the Bahrain Grand Prix, leading from the start and finishing 22 seconds ahead of the nearest competitor, surprising even Red Bull’s Adrian Newey.
– ‣ Verstappen achieved a Grand Slam by securing pole position, leading every lap, and recording the fastest lap, marking a strong start to the new Formula 1 season.
– ‣ Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing’s CTO, was surprised by the RB20’s performance in the race, despite not being completely satisfied with the car during practice sessions.
– ‣ The success of the RB20 is attributed to the collective effort of the entire Red Bull team, including the engineering team and support staff in Milton Keynes.

At first glance, Bahrain’s track seemed to pack the racers tightly together. Well, mostly. Except for Max Verstappen, that is. Right from the get-go, the Dutchman zoomed ahead of Charles Leclerc, leaving a whopping 22-second gap. And guess what? This took everyone by surprise, Adrian Newey included.

Oh, and Verstappen? He kicked off the Formula 1 season with what you’d call a Grand Slam. Yep, pole position, led every single lap, and snagged the fastest lap to boot. Talk about a wake-up call for his rivals. They thought they were catching up after the practice sessions and qualifying. Meanwhile, Sergio Perez wasn’t too shabby either, climbing from fifth to second place. Not too shabby at all.

### Newey surprised by Red Bull performance

“I have to say, it was unexpected,” Newey spilled to Viaplay. Despite the practice sessions leaving them wanting, everything just clicked during the race. But, as Newey pointed out, there’s always room to tweak and improve. That’s the spirit, right?

Now, about the RB20’s stellar performance? Newey credits the whole squad. “It’s our whole team, the engineering team, everyone behind the car. All the guys back in Milton Keynes have done a tremendous effort to get it to here, to have the performance we had today,” he explained.

So, there you have it. A race that seemed tight at first glance but was anything but, thanks to Verstappen’s lightning start. And Newey? Pleasantly surprised by the performance, yet always eyeing the next improvement. That’s Formula 1 for you—full of surprises and never a dull moment.

Albert Ramirez
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