Norris Closest Challenger to Verstappen: “We Keep Surprising Ourselves”

Lando Norris is seen as one of Max Verstappen‘s closest challengers, although his expectations for the Las Vegas GP are uncertain due to McLaren’s unpredictable performance this year.


‣ Lando Norris is seen as a close challenger to Max Verstappen in the Las Vegas GP after a second-place finish in the Brazilian Grand Prix.
‣ He expressed surprise at the strong pace of his McLaren and stated that he was not sure of his expectations for the F1 race in Las Vegas.
‣ Norris highlighted the unpredictability of F1 races and the shaky performance of his McLaren team throughout the year.
‣ He mentioned the dramatic weekend in Sao Paulo involving Lewis Hamilton and George Russell as an example of the unpredictability of race outcomes.

Lando Norris is seen as one of Max Verstappen’s biggest challengers for the upcoming Las Vegas GP after his second-place finish in the Brazilian Grand Prix. However, Norris remains uncertain about his ability to repeat his performance at the Las Vegas Street Circuit.

Norris expressed surprise at McLaren’s strong pace during the F1 race at Interlagos, where he finished eight seconds behind Verstappen and significantly ahead of Fernando Alonso‘s Aston Martin. “I didn’t think we were expecting to be as competitive here as we have been. So we’re still surprising ourselves,” Norris remarked. Further, when asked about his expectations for the Las Vegas race, Norris admitted, “I gave up on guessing where we’re going to be nowadays.”

Reflecting on McLaren’s inconsistent performance throughout the year, Norris stated, “I didn’t want to think of where we’re going to be. It comes and goes.” He referenced Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s unexpected struggles in Sao Paulo as evidence that “no one really knows” as everyone simply makes assumptions. According to Norris, “No one knows until we get on track.”

The Las Vegas GP poses a distinctive detail that raises curiosity about the upcoming F1 race. Overall, Norris’ uncertain attitude conveys the unpredictability of the sport and keeps fans eagerly awaiting the outcome of the race in Las Vegas.

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