Norris Optimistic About Jeddah Circuit, Believes It Favors Team More Than Bahrain

Lando Norris is optimistic about his chances for a win this season despite acknowledging the challenges his car faces with high-speed circuits and maintaining pace with teams like Mercedes, while still seeing Ferrari as a distant competitor.


‣ Lando Norris is hopeful for his first win this season, acknowledging the challenges but remaining optimistic about his chances.
‣ Norris points out the high-speed nature of the Jeddah circuit suits their car, but admits to struggling with the car’s front end at the apex, which could hinder their performance.
‣ Despite finishing sixth in Bahrain, Norris is pleased with the pace of his car being very similar to Mercedes, though he acknowledges Ferrari’s superior performance.
‣ Norris looks forward to the race in Saudi Arabia, seeing it as an opportunity to learn and adapt to the car, which is different from last year’s model.

Lando Norris is eyeing his first victory of the season. That’s the dream, right? On the plus side, he didn’t crash in the opening race. But, a big but here, the top spot on the podium? Still seems a galaxy away. Chatting with GPBlog and the crew, Norris shared his game plan for Jeddah.

“It’s a circuit with more high speeds, which usually suits us,” Norris explained, reflecting on his sixth-place finish in Bahrain. But then, a twist. “It’s also a circuit where you want to have a good front end at the apex. And that’s something we don’t have at all.” So, despite the speed, there are hurdles. Big ones. Yet, the Brit’s optimism shines, “Yes, I’m looking forward to it.” He’s all geared up for Saudi Arabia, ready to tackle the new challenges and the mysteries of this year’s car.

Now, onto Ferrari and Mercedes. Norris slotted his car right between the Mercedes duo, landing in sixth, with Oscar Piastri trailing in eighth. “I mean, to still match Mercedes’ pace is pretty cool,” he admitted. At moments, he even thought they could take on Ferrari. Carlos Sainz, though, put those thoughts to bed, showcasing Ferrari’s sheer power. “We were close to Mercedes, sure, but no cigar. The pace was so similar that the moment I hit the dirty air, overtaking or even getting close enough for DRS was a pipe dream.”

So, there you have it. Norris is in a tight spot, sandwiched between hope and hard reality. But hey, isn’t that what makes racing thrilling?

Albert Ramirez
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