Norris Requests Candid Feedback from McLaren: Wants to Know if He’s Underperforming

In 2023, McLaren driver Lando Norris had a successful season, finishing sixth in the world championship and helping McLaren place fourth in the constructors’ championship, and is looking forward to the 2024 season with a new car design and a preference for honest feedback from his team.


‣ McLaren driver Lando Norris had a successful 2023 season, finishing sixth in the world championship with 206 points and helping McLaren place fourth in the constructors’ championship standings.
‣ Norris values brutal honesty in his team’s feedback, believing it to be crucial for improvement and teaching others.
‣ The McLaren team has revealed the livery of their 2024 car, which will be orange and black, with the blue elements from the previous year removed.
‣ Norris is enthusiastic about the upcoming F1 season, expressing excitement about the team’s direction and eagerness to start the season well in Bahrain.

Lando Norris, the McLaren driver, had a pretty solid run in 2023. He and his teammate, Oscar Piastri, gave Max Verstappen a run for his money more than once. They were hot on his heels, closer than any other team. Norris ended up in sixth place in the world championship, racking up 206 points. As for the constructors’ championship, McLaren snagged the fourth spot. All things considered, Norris had a decent season.

Now, let’s talk about Norris’s approach. He’s a straight shooter. “I just prefer the honest truth,” he spilled on McLaren’s website. He’s all about brutal honesty. If he’s messing up, he wants to hear it. If he’s killing it, he wants to know. It’s not always a walk in the park, but it’s crucial. And they’re sticking to this approach to educate and help others.

Norris is pumped

The team of Norris and Piastri has already unveiled the car’s livery for 2024. It’s a slick orange-black combo. Last year, they had some blue elements, but those are history. Norris is chomping at the bit for the new F1 season.

He’s buzzing with excitement. “I’m excited because we’re finally on the right track, and we know in which direction to push, and I just want to start the season off well. If we can start well in Bahrain, I’ll be much more excited,” the 24-year-old Bristol-based driver wrapped up.

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