Norris Sets Unwanted Formula 1 Podium Record

Lando Norris secured third place at the Australian Grand Prix behind the Ferraris, marking his 14th career podium but expressed disappointment, believing his pace warranted second place, amidst a dramatic race that included reliability issues for rivals and a record for most podiums without a win.


‣ Lando Norris secured third place at the Australian Grand Prix, expressing disappointment as he believed his pace warranted second place, behind the Ferraris of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

‣ The race was marked by dramatic events, including reliability issues for Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, and a last-lap crash for George Russell. Despite these challenges, Norris achieved the 14th podium of his career, setting a record for the most podiums without a race victory.

‣ Norris and his McLaren teammate, Oscar Piastri, who finished fourth, performed well, with Norris putting constant pressure on the Ferraris after the first round of pitstops.

‣ Despite acknowledging it as a good day for McLaren, Norris felt they “missed out” on a better position due to the timing of their pit stops and believes that while the circuit suited them, there is still a gap to close with Ferrari and Red Bull.

Lando Norris snagged third at the Australian Grand Prix. He trailed behind the Ferraris of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc. Yet, he couldn’t shake off a tinge of disappointment. Norris felt his pace had the legs for second, not just third.

The race? Oh, it was nothing short of a soap opera. Picture this: the Albert Park street circuit, buzzing with drama. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton grappled with their machines, reliability laughing in their faces. And George Russell? His race ended in a last-lap spectacle, crashing out.

Through the chaos, Norris was the eye of the storm. Cool, calm, collected. This podium was his 14th, a bittersweet milestone. Why? It crowned him the king of “so close yet so far,” surpassing Nick Heidfeld’s record for most podiums without tasting victory.

Post-pitstop shuffle saw Norris ahead of his teammate, Oscar Piastri. Piastri, not too shabby himself, clinched P4. A solid day for McLaren, no doubt.

In a chit-chat with Guenther Steiner, Norris couldn’t hide his pride. “A very good day for us,” he beamed. P3 and P4? That’s a hefty points haul. Yet, despite the celebrations, Norris’s smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

Why the long face? Norris felt a sting of what could’ve been. “Missed out on Charles,” he mused. The pit stops, a game of chess, and they lost a piece. Norris believed they had the pace, the rhythm to dance past Leclerc. But alas, it wasn’t to be.

Norris acknowledged the circuit played to their strengths. Yet, Ferrari and Red Bull remain the benchmarks. “We need to catch up,” he admitted. But hey, being back on the podium? That’s a sweet melody. Here’s to hoping it’s a tune McLaren gets used to.

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