Official F1 Website Excludes Bottas & Zhou: Remarkable Update

The F1 website currently only shows the faces of Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou, with their overalls covered, and refers to their team as Kick Sauber instead of Stake F1 due to the latter’s association with online gambling, which is banned in several countries.


‣ The driver profiles of Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou on the Formula 1 website are currently without their racing suits due to a change in team branding from Alfa Romeo to Stake F1.
‣ The team is referred to as Kick Sauber on the F1 website, as the Stake F1 branding is not allowed in some countries due to its association with an online gambling company.
‣ The Stake F1 Team will present their car for the 2024 season on February 5, with the launch location being London to target a worldwide audience.
‣ From 2026, Stake F1 will continue under the Audi brand.

Wow, talk about a head-turner! If you take a gander at the driver profiles on, you’ll notice something peculiar. Only Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou’s faces are visible. Their racing suits? Nowhere to be seen.

Another oddity? The Formula 1 website lists these two as racing for Kick Sauber. Not Stake F1.

Now, you might remember that Stake F1 was the Alfa Romeo team last season. But with a name change and a total rebrand, some tweaks are needed. And that includes the F1 website.

“The lack of suits on the F1 site? Well, we haven’t launched them yet,” the team explained to GPblog. “With our new branding and no ties to Alfa Romeo, we couldn’t use last year’s suits.”

What’s up with Bottas and Zhou? Check this out:
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Stake F1 or Kick Sauber? Hmm…

The Swiss team had previously said they’d be known as Stake F1 Team this season. But, local laws have thrown a spanner in the works. You see, Stake is an online gambling company. And in some places, you can’t advertise gambling.

So, maybe the F1 website decided to play it safe and use the Kick Sauber logo. That’s the name they’ll use if Stake F1 Team gets the boot.

Come 5th February, the Stake F1 Team will unveil their 2024 car. Swiss media hinted last week that the team might not reveal the new cars at home. Why? Well, Swiss regulations don’t allow the name of a gambling company. The team, however, denies this.

“We’re launching in London. We’re targeting a global audience, and most of the media will be there,” the team stated. “Last year, we did it in Switzerland without any issues. So, no worries. We’ll be using this new identity in 2024 and 2025.”

From 2026, Stake F1 will morph into Audi.

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