Opinion: Red Bull should consider other options besides Verstappen

Sergio Perez drove for Red Bull, while Fernando Alonso drove for Aston Martin, and despite Perez’s RB19 being faster, Alonso finished third in the Brazilian Grand Prix, leading to criticism from former Formula One employee Peter Windsor.


‣ Sergio Perez underperformed in the Brazilian Grand Prix relative to Fernando Alonso
‣ Analyst Peter Windsor criticized Perez’s performance and suggested Red Bull reconsider their choice of driver
‣ Fernando Alonso outperformed Sergio Perez in the race and achieved an impressive overtaking move
Lando Norris was voted best driver of the day by F1 public

Red Bull driver, Sergio Perez was outpaced by Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso who secured third place in the Brazilian Grand Prix. However, former Formula One employee and current YouTube analyst, Peter Windsor, criticized Perez for his performance as he had the faster car. “This is the first time where I thought, maybe Red Bull should be thinking about somebody else because he should have beaten Fernando Alonso today in the Aston Martin.”

Perez attempted to secure the final podium spot but, after a lap-long struggle, lost it to Alonso. “A great move by Fernando, a hero of the crowd, probably driver of the day,” commented Australian journalist, Windsor. He subsequently wrongly attributed the honor of driver of the day to Alonso, when it actually went to McLaren driver Lando Norris.

Despite criticisms of his performance in the Brazilian Grand Prix, Perez continues to stand out as a talented driver. “I think he’s the right sort of driver to have in that car if you’ve got Max Verstappen,” Windsor said in support of Perez, emphasizing the Mexican’s driving abilities. It will be interesting to see Perez’s ongoing performance as the season progresses.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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