Palmer Selects 2023 F1 Season’s Moment of the Year: Cockpit Genius

Despite naming the Las Vegas Grand Prix as ‘Grand Prix of the Year’, Jolyon Palmer chose the Singapore race, won by Carlos Sainz after a thrilling final stage, as the ‘moment of the year’ from the 2023 F1 season.


‣ Jolyon Palmer selected the Las Vegas Grand Prix as ‘Grand Prix of the Year’ but chose a different race for his ‘moment of the year.’
‣ The ‘moment of the year’ was during the Singapore Grand Prix in 2023, where Carlos Sainz won after a thrilling final stage.
‣ Despite Red Bull Racing’s dominance in 2023, they struggled in Singapore, with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez performing poorly.
‣ Palmer praised Carlos Sainz’s performance and Lando Norris‘s efforts, as well as Mercedes’ bold strategy during the Singapore race.

Jolyon Palmer’s pick for ‘Grand Prix of the Year’ was the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Yet, he singled out a different race as the ‘moment of the year.’ Red Bull Racing dominated 2023, but their reign was briefly interrupted in Singapore. Carlos Sainz emerged victorious after a wild final stage, as Palmer noted.

Palmer’s 2023 F1 Season Highlight

“The Singapore finale? Unforgettable. Possibly the best ever,” Palmer mused. “Four cars battling it out on a challenging street circuit.” The race was slow, which is why he favored Las Vegas. “But Singapore 2023? It’s a testament to why you endure the dull races. For that explosive finale,” the Briton, aged 32, elaborated.

Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were practically invisible on the Singapore track. The RB19 wasn’t built for Singapore’s street circuit. “Sainz? Brilliant in the cockpit. Norris? Went all out for his first win,” Palmer observed. He also commended Mercedes. “They took a risk with their strategy, aiming for a win instead of settling for a podium finish.”

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