Perez Aims for World Championship in 2024 After Previous Second Place Finish

Red Bull driver Sergio Perez, despite not achieving his goal of becoming world champion due to Max Verstappen‘s dominance, remains undeterred and is aiming for the championship in the 2024 racing season.


‣ Red Bull driver Sergio Perez expressed his ambition to compete for the world championship, despite not having a significant impact in the past season due to Max Verstappen’s dominance.
‣ Perez’s main goal for the 2024 racing season is to become the world champion.
‣ The Mexican driver emphasized the importance of using the winter time to prepare for the upcoming season and maintain a high level of consistency throughout.
‣ Perez acknowledged the challenges and setbacks they had, but believes that these experiences have made them stronger as a team.

Sergio Perez, a Red Bull driver, once claimed he’d be vying for the world championship. Unfortunately, that didn’t exactly pan out. Max Verstappen, in his RB19, was the one calling the shots, leaving Perez in the dust after the first few races. But that doesn’t mean Perez is backing down. He’s got his sights set on next season, and he’s not taking it lightly.

When asked about the world championship, Perez, car number 11, doesn’t even blink. He’s got one goal in mind: to be the champion. He’s got his eyes on the prize for the 2024 racing season. That’s the plan, he says.

Perez is pretty clear about it. He wants to be world champion. “That’s my main target. I’ve been second before,” he told GPblog and others. He’s not just looking to do well; he wants to do better. He knows it’s a tough road ahead. “We need to use this winter to start the season strong and keep that momentum going,” says the driver from Guadalajara.

Perez is not blind to the challenges. He knows where they fell short, the lows they hit. But he believes they’ve learned from it. “It’s a good thing. It’s important. It’s the best way to move forward. This year has made us stronger, as a team, on my side of the garage. So, it’s been good,” says the 33-year-old driver.

And that’s the story. Perez is ready for the next season, ready to take on the world championship. He’s learned from the past, and he’s looking forward to the future. He’s not just hoping to do well; he’s aiming to be the best. And he’s not backing down.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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