Perez Aims to Enhance Performance Next Season, Emphasizes Enjoyment

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez participated in a TikTok livestream where they answered fan questions, discussed their personal goals for the upcoming season, and Verstappen expressed his desire to own 100 cats and to broaden his horizons by driving GT3 cars and growing his sim racing activities.


‣ Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez interacted with fans on a live TikTok session, discussing their personal goals for the next season.
‣ Verstappen expressed his desire to spend quality time with family and friends, acknowledging the upcoming season will be long.
‣ Perez is looking forward to improving his season and enjoying the process.
‣ Verstappen also plans to broaden his activities outside of F1, including driving GT3 cars and sim racing.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez took to TikTok recently. They were there to answer questions from their fans. Verstappen made a surprising revelation during the livestream. He confessed his desire to have as many as 100 cats!

Red Bull Racing’s livestream wasn’t just about fun and games. The drivers also discussed their personal goals for the upcoming season. Perez was the first to share his thoughts. “Well, I’m looking forward more to improve my season, first of all,” he said. Then he added, “And secondly, just to enjoy it all the way through. They go so fast. Sometimes we forget to enjoy them as well. That’s my target.”

Verstappen had a bit more to say to the viewers. “Just to have a good time with family and friends. Really try to spend some quality time together,” he began. He acknowledged the long season ahead, saying, “I mean, anything F1 related, we’ll work it out along the way.” He emphasized the importance of staying connected with loved ones. “Important to try and stay in touch with as many friends and family as possible and share great moments together,” he concluded.

But there’s more to Verstappen’s life than just F1. He’s looking to expand his horizons next season. “Have a bit of fun outside of F1, driving GT3 cars,” he shared. He’s also building up his sim racing activities. “Slowly starting to build things up a little bit in that way as well. My sim racing activities as well, to see that grow. We can do very well there as well,” he said.

Max and ‘Checo’ recently received a heroes’ welcome in Milton Keynes. They were honored at the team’s factory. It was a fitting tribute to the world champion and his teammate.

And that’s the scoop on Verstappen and Perez’s TikTok livestream. They were candid, fun, and full of surprises. Just like their racing.

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