Perez Demands Action from FIA & F1 Over Exhausted People Issue

Mexican driver Sergio Perez, who placed second in the final drivers’ standings, has called on the FIA and Formula 1 to review the race calendars due to the intensive schedule, expressing concern for the exhaustion of drivers and staff.


‣ Sergio Perez, who placed second in the final drivers’ standings, is set to race in 24 Grands Prix in 2024 with Red Bull Racing.
‣ Perez has expressed concerns about the intensity of the racing programme and believes it should be reviewed by the FIA and Formula 1.
‣ Perez has called for action from the FIA and Formula 1 to ensure the wellbeing of drivers and staff, noting the exhaustion experienced in the last race.
‣ At 33 years old, Perez has experienced first-hand the draining nature of the schedule and believes it’s important to consider the long-term careers of the staff and mechanics.

Sergio Perez, the second-place holder in the final drivers’ standings, has become a national hero in his homeland. Despite a rollercoaster year, the Mexican driver managed to secure the best possible outcome behind the unbeatable Max Verstappen.

2024 presents another opportunity for Perez with Red Bull Racing. A whopping 24 Grands Prix are on the horizon. Perez, however, thinks this schedule might be a bit too intense.

The Grands Prix of China and Imola, which were cancelled in 2023, are making a comeback next year. Also, the Las Vegas night race will kick off a triple header. When asked by GPblog if he thinks the FIA and Formula 1 should reconsider race calendars, Verstappen’s teammate had a strong response.

Perez is calling for action from the FIA and Formula 1. “Yeah, surely. But obviously it’s something that we’re going to raise it up to try and see what can be done,” he said. He believes it might be too late for next year, but it’s worth considering for the following year.

Perez noted the exhaustion he observed during the last race. “I don’t remember seeing people so exhausted in the last race. I think it’s something that we’ve got to be taking very seriously because it’s important for the sport. For the drivers, too,” he added.

Now 33, Perez will be 34 when the new season begins. He experienced firsthand how grueling the schedule can be last season. “To obviously keep having these long careers that we’ve seen from the staff, from the mechanics…we want them to have very long careers as well. So I think it’s something we must consider,” the Red Bull driver stated.

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