Perez Discloses RB20 Issues During Australia Race

Red Bull faced a challenging weekend in Australia with Verstappen retiring early due to a brake issue and Perez struggling for pace and finishing fifth, both drivers acknowledging the need for significant improvements.


‣ Red Bull faced significant challenges during the Australian Grand Prix, with Verstappen retiring early due to a brake issue and Perez finishing fifth after struggling for pace and receiving a grid penalty for impeding another driver.

Sergio Perez acknowledged the difficulties faced throughout the weekend, citing a lack of pace and the need for the team to understand and address their performance issues, particularly in comparison to McLaren.

‣ Perez also mentioned experiencing different problems from Verstappen, specifically balance-related issues, which impacted his performance during the race.

Oh boy, Red Bull had a bit of a nightmare down under this weekend. Despite Verstappen snagging that coveted pole position, things went south pretty fast. The world championship leader? Yeah, he had to bow out early because of a brake issue. Talk about bad luck.

And Perez? Well, he didn’t have the smoothest ride either. The guy was battling it out but just couldn’t catch up, landing in fifth. That’s behind both the McLarens and Ferraris, mind you. To add salt to the wound, he got slapped with a three-place grid penalty the day before for blocking Hulkenberg. Ouch. Now in his fourth season with Red Bull, Perez spilled the beans to Viaplay about his weekend woes.

### Sergio struggles throughout the weekend
“It was a tough one, for sure. Loads to do,” he admitted. The pace just wasn’t there, leaving him to bring home a less-than-stellar result. “We were lagging right from the get-go on Friday, especially compared to the McLarens. It’s clear we’ve got our work cut out for us.” He reminisced about last year in Vegas, a race that also gave them a run for their money. Seems like there’s a pattern here that needs cracking.

Despite not facing the same dire brake issues as Verstappen, Perez wasn’t exactly cruising. “Nope, my problems were of a different flavor,” he shared. Balance issues threw him off his game, making it tough to keep up the fight.

So, there you have it. A weekend to forget for Red Bull, with both drivers facing their fair share of challenges. They’ve got some homework to do before the next race. Let’s see if they can turn things around.

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