Perez Faces Ongoing Bad Luck in 2024: Red Bull Issues & Red Flag Incident

During the first day of testing in Bahrain, Max Verstappen experienced no issues, while his teammate Sergio Perez faced difficulties with his RB20’s brakes catching fire, and Charles Leclerc was the fastest despite a session cut short by a loose drain cover incident.


‣ Max Verstappen experienced a smooth first day of testing in Bahrain, unlike his teammate Sergio Perez, who faced issues with his RB20 brakes catching fire, leading to a red flag and limiting him to only 20 laps.

‣ The testing session was reduced for all drivers after Charles Leclerc ran over a loose drain cover, causing the first red flag of winter testing, and the session ended an hour early with an extended afternoon session planned.

‣ Despite the disruptions, Charles Leclerc managed to record the fastest lap time of 1:31.750 over 36 laps, showing improved handling of the Ferrari car compared to the previous day.

Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes team faced challenges with the car’s handling, as it was often sliding around, but Hamilton still managed to complete 39 laps and finish sixth fastest.

Max Verstappen? Smooth sailing in Bahrain’s first day of testing. But oh, his teammate, Sergio Perez? Not so much luck on his side. Picture this: Perez’s RB20 brakes literally catching fire. Then, bam, a red flag cuts the morning session short. And the guy? He barely made it through 20 laps.

### Reduced session for all
But wait, it’s not just Perez in this boat. Charles Leclerc, yeah, he had his own drama. Ran over a loose drain cover, of all things. That’s what brought out the first red flag of winter testing. Luckily for him, his Ferrari didn’t take a beating like Carlos Sainz‘s did in Vegas. They slapped the floor back on, and it was kinda okay. With an hour left, the FIA was like, “That’s it, folks.” But hey, they’re giving us an extra hour in the afternoon session. Still a mystery if Perez will snag some time before Verstappen takes over. Perez is eyeing the whole day Friday, though.

### Leclerc fastest
Now, onto Leclerc. The guy was flying. Clocks in at 1:31.750 over 36 laps. The Ferrari? Smooth as butter. That time would’ve snagged him second place on Wednesday. Oscar Piastri? He’s trailing by just 0.5 seconds. Logan Sargeant‘s not far behind, nabbing third. And Perez? Despite the fiery drama, lands fourth with a 1:32.879.

Lewis Hamilton finally hit the track, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The Mercedes was like a wild horse, rear tyres kicking up a fuss. He managed sixth fastest, with 39 laps under his belt. Only Yuki Tsunoda outdid him in lap count. Most drivers hit around 35 laps, but Perez? Poor guy stood out for all the wrong reasons, thanks to that brake fire in the first hour.

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