Perez Joins Sainz & Hamilton in Top 3 After Afternoon Session Recovery

On the second day of winter testing in Bahrain, Sergio Perez, after facing issues in the morning, finished second in the afternoon session behind Carlos Sainz and ahead of Lewis Hamilton, with the day being marked by a shortened morning session due to a loose drain cover and no appearance from Max Verstappen who was scheduled for Friday.


‣ The second day of winter testing in Bahrain saw Sergio Perez, Carlos Sainz, and Lewis Hamilton making up the top three positions, with Perez experiencing a more positive afternoon session after a challenging morning.

‣ The morning session was cut short by an hour due to a loose drain cover dislodged by Lewis Hamilton and hit by Charles Leclerc, causing damage to Leclerc’s car and leading to an extended afternoon session to compensate for the lost time.

‣ Max Verstappen was scheduled to drive in the afternoon but was replaced by Sergio Perez due to Perez losing time in the morning because of an overheated brakes issue. Verstappen is set to drive on Friday afternoon instead.

‣ Carlos Sainz managed to record the fastest time in the afternoon session on soft tires, with Perez and Hamilton finishing in second and third places, respectively. The session saw Perez overcoming a stall on the track and returning to action without major issues.

Winter testing in Bahrain just wrapped up its second day. Oh, and what a day it was! For Sergio Perez, things looked up as the sun went down. The morning? Not so great, with only 20 laps under his belt. But hey, the afternoon was a whole different story.

Carlos Sainz and Lewis Hamilton, alongside Perez, were the stars of the day. They snagged the top three spots, making headlines and probably sipping some well-deserved tea afterward.

Now, let’s rewind to the morning chaos. It was cut short, by an hour, no less. Why? A pesky drain cover decided to go on an adventure, thanks to Lewis Hamilton. Poor Charles Leclerc couldn’t dodge it, and bam, his SF-24 needed some TLC. The decision was made: let’s pause and fix this mess. So, they extended the afternoon session to catch up. Talk about a curveball.

No Verstappen in the RB20

Perez was the morning star, but everyone was waiting for Max Verstappen’s grand entrance in the afternoon. Plot twist: it didn’t happen. Red Bull played the strategy card and kept Perez on the track. Why? Well, his morning was a bit of a bummer, with those overheated brakes and all. Verstappen’s moment in the sun? Postponed to Friday.

Afternoon goes better for Perez

Leclerc was the morning’s speed demon. Ferrari had a plan: split the day between their drivers. Leclerc took the wheel, then handed it over to Sainz. Sainz, oh, he had a blast, especially on those soft tires. Except for Logan Sargeant, he was in a league of his own.

Perez? He had a bit of a hiccup, stalling on the track. But no biggie, he was back in action in no time. The rest of the session? Smooth sailing. He almost caught up to Sainz but ended up in second place. Hamilton, lurking behind, snagged P3. Sainz, the speedster of the afternoon, shone the brightest but let’s not forget, he had those soft tires.

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