Perez RB20 Ignites Due to Brake Issues at Bahrain Grand Prix

Sergio Perez experienced a brief brake fire on his Red Bull RB20 during the second day of testing in Bahrain, leading to necessary corrections by the team’s mechanics before returning to the track.


‣ Red Bull driver Sergio Perez experienced a brake fire on the front right of the RB20 during the second day of testing in Bahrain, necessitating immediate attention from the team’s mechanics.

‣ The issue with Perez’s RB20 was specifically with the front right brake, contrasting with the unaffected front left, highlighting the intricate design of the brake calipers.

‣ Before returning to the track, Red Bull’s mechanics had to make several corrections to the RB20 following the brake fire incident, indicating the seriousness of the problem.

Max Verstappen is scheduled to drive the RB20 in the afternoon session following Perez, with expectations high due to Verstappen’s impressive times on the first day of testing.

Oh boy, Sergio Perez’s ride got a bit too spicy on the Bahrain track. Picture this: his brakes catching fire during the second day of testing. Talk about a hot situation, right?

The Red Bull crew? They were all hands on deck. The brand-spanking-new RB20 needed some serious TLC to get those issues ironed out.

### Perez’s RB20 Woes

So, here’s the scoop from Ted Kravitz over at Sky Sports. It’s the front right brake that’s throwing a tantrum. But hey, the front left? Cool as a cucumber. And, oh, those brake calipers on the left? Pure art. Seriously, you gotta see the flames on X. It’s like a mini bonfire.

Before the Red Bull could hit the track again, the team had to hustle. Big time. They had a checklist of fixes to tick off. Come Thursday morning, Perez is back in the driver’s seat. Then, it’s Max Verstappen’s turn in the afternoon. And let me tell you, Verstappen was already turning heads with his lap times on day one.

Checo’s brakes? Too hot to handle right after his first run. That’s what happens with new gear sometimes. It’s like the RB20’s front brakes needed a bit more love. And oh, if you’re curious, check out this tweet from Diego Mejia. It’s got the visual goods. #F1 drama at its finest.

[Insert obligatory techy script stuff here because, well, we gotta show those tweets, right?]

So, there you have it. A bit of fire, a dash of panic, and a whole lot of racing tech magic. Just another day in Formula 1.

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