Perez states no concern for Verstappen: Mexican fans support Max.

Sergio Perez denies claims that Mexican Formula 1 fans have a negative attitude towards Max Verstappen, stating that the fans in general like and support the Dutch driver.


‣ Mexican Formula 1 fans generally like Max Verstappen and are supportive of him and the team.
‣ Sergio Perez believes that the media tries to create a rivalry between him and Verstappen that doesn’t exist.
‣ The Mexican fans are passionate and want to support all the drivers.
‣ The Mexican Grand Prix has the best atmosphere of the season.

Ahead of the highly anticipated Mexican Grand Prix, there has been much speculation about the reception Max Verstappen will receive from the passionate Mexican Formula 1 fans. However, Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull Racing, is keen to dispel any rumors of animosity. In fact, Perez believes that Mexican fans have a great affinity for Verstappen.

According to Perez, Mexican fans have always been supportive of Verstappen and the team, despite what the media might suggest. He believes that the media has created a false narrative of rivalry between him and Verstappen, when in reality, Mexican fans just want to support all the drivers and enjoy the race. In Perez’s opinion, the Mexican Grand Prix boasts the best atmosphere of the entire season.

In an interview with Viaplay, Perez stated, “The Mexican fans really, really like Max and he’s won a lot of times in Mexico and they’ve always been very supportive of him… I think this is the best Grand Prix of the season in terms of atmosphere.” His comments highlight the enthusiasm and passion that Mexican fans bring to the sport.

Perez’s perspective sheds light on the unity and camaraderie among Formula 1 fans in Mexico. Despite the competitiveness on the track, fans are united in their love for the sport and their appreciation for all the drivers. The Mexican Grand Prix is not just a race, but a celebration of F1 and its dedicated fans.

In conclusion, Sergio Perez’s words offer a refreshing perspective on the relationship between Mexican fans and Max Verstappen. The Mexican driver believes that Verstappen enjoys great support from the local fans and emphasizes that the media’s portrayal of a rivalry is unfounded. The Mexican Grand Prix promises a vibrant and exhilarating atmosphere that showcases the immense passion of F1 fans in Mexico.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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