Perez & Verstappen’s Relationship Improves This Season

Sergio Perez sealed second place in the drivers’ championship, giving Red Bull Racing its first one-two in history, and despite the large difference with Max Verstappen, Perez expressed admiration for his teammate and said he has learned a lot from him.


‣ Sergio Perez sealed second place in the drivers’ championship, giving Red Bull Racing its first one-two finish in history.
‣ Despite the significant performance gap between Perez and first-place finisher Max Verstappen, Perez expressed no envy and praised Verstappen’s impressive performance throughout the season.
‣ Perez highlighted the positive working relationship and mutual push for improvement between him and Verstappen.
‣ Perez, despite being a seasoned driver, expressed his intention to learn from Verstappen’s competitive edge and incorporate it into his own performance.

Sergio Perez did what was necessary to secure second place in the drivers’ championship. He helped Red Bull Racing make history with their first one-two finish. Yes, the gap between him and Max Verstappen was significant. But, hey, no envy here.

Perez had a chat with GPblog and others. “Our relationship? It’s solid,” he said. The whole engineering process, the briefings, the races – it’s been good.

Sure, we’ve pushed in different directions at times. But we’ve also strongly advocated for the same stuff. That’s been a plus for the team. This season? Better. We’ve always been good, but this is our third season together. It’s been a good one.

Verstappen and Hamilton on the same team? The champ responds!

Perez’s year had its highs and lows. Verstappen, on the other hand, was consistently at the top. This stirred admiration in the Mexican driver. “How he’s handled it all – impressive. He’s done a fantastic job. He’s really been on another level. It’s great to see. We’d all like to be in his shoes. But, only one can be champion per year.”

Despite being a seasoned driver, Perez admits he’s still learning from Verstappen. “He’s the best reference out there. He’s so competitive. No harm in that. It’s crucial to observe what he’s doing, how he’s doing it, and learn. See what works for you, what he’s doing differently. I’ve always had an open approach. It works well.”

Hamilton chimes in: “100% I want to drive against Verstappen in an equal car.”

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