Perez vs Remarkable Opponent in Las Vegas Street Race

Sergio Perez took on a remarkable opponent in Las Vegas during a Red Bull Racing demonstration run by racing against the city’s fountains.


‣ Red Bull Racing sent Sergio Perez to Las Vegas for a demonstration run
‣ Perez raced against a remarkable opponent
‣ Onboard footage captured the event
‣ The event was a preview for the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Earlier this year, to preview the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing sent Sergio Perez to the gambling city for a spectacular demonstration run. The Mexican driver took on a remarkable opponent, as seen in onboard footage: “Let’s see how fast those fountains are!”

In the video of the preview, Perez can be seen racing alongside the famous fountains at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. The footage showcases the speed and precision of both Perez and the fountains, creating an exhilarating visual display. The video has generated excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The demonstration run highlighted not only the skill of Perez as a driver, but also the unique and thrilling nature of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. It provided a taste of what to expect from the race and left fans eagerly awaiting the main event. The preview has undoubtedly contributed to the buzz surrounding the Grand Prix and has left a lasting impression on racing enthusiasts.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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