Perez Warns F1 Rivals: RB20 Car Concept Significantly Different

Sergio Perez experienced a challenging 2023 Formula 1 season, finishing second behind world champion Max Verstappen, but remains optimistic about the 2024 season after a positive shakedown at Silverstone and looks forward to competing with improvements in the RB20 car.


‣ Sergio Perez faced challenges in the 2023 Formula 1 season, aiming for the world title but ultimately fighting for second place as Max Verstappen won the championship.

‣ Despite the setbacks, Perez remains optimistic about the new season, highlighting a positive shakedown at Silverstone for the RB20, even in poor weather conditions.

‣ The RB20 car, set for the 2024 season, features significant conceptual changes, with Perez and the team anticipating major discussion points around its performance.

‣ Perez is eager to test the RB20 during the test days in Bahrain, focusing on enjoying the season, giving his best, and seizing every opportunity in 2024.

Sergio Perez’s 2023 was a rollercoaster, to say the least. He had his eyes on the prize, aiming for the world title. Yet, reality hit hard and fast. Max Verstappen, his teammate, snagged the championship instead. Perez? He was left battling tooth and nail for that second spot. Now, he’s all eyes on the horizon, eager for a fresh start.

Silverstone’s shakedown? Perez had thoughts. “It was a blast,” he’d say, if not for the dreary weather. But hey, the RB20? Still a beast, even in the rain. The car’s got a new look for 2024, sparking buzz and speculation. Perez is pumped, ready to dive into the debates.

### Perez sets goal for 2024
Winter’s been kind to the team, or so Perez believes. But it’s all talk until the rubber meets the road, right? Bahrain’s where the action’s at. Perez is itching to hit the track, to live in the moment, to seize every chance 2024 throws his way.

Bahrain’s test days are just around the corner. Perez will take the RB20 for a spin on Thursday morning and Friday. And Verstappen? He’s slated for Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. It’s all set, the stage for another gripping chapter in Formula 1’s saga.

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