Perez’s Challenging FP2 in Mexico

Sergio Perez is optimistic about his performance in the Mexican Grand Prix and believes that he has the support and good shape leading up to the rest of the weekend, despite facing challenges in the second free practice session.


‣ Sergio Perez expects to capitalize on the support he has in his home Grand Prix in Mexico.
‣ Perez had a tricky second free practice session in Mexico City but believes they are in good shape for the rest of the weekend.
‣ Perez didn’t get a good read on the soft compound over a single lap due to a yellow flag.
‣ Perez thanked his fans and talked about the tension of driving in one’s home Grand Prix weekend.

Sergio Perez is confident that he can make the most of the support he receives from his home fans at the Mexican Grand Prix. Despite having a challenging second free practice session in Mexico City and finishing outside of the top positions, Perez believes that he and his team are in a good position heading into the rest of the weekend.

In an interview with F1TV after FP2, Perez shared his thoughts on the day, saying, “We didn’t have a straightforward day. We didn’t get a good read on the soft over a single lap. I had a yellow flag on my lap, so I ended up doing it on the second timed lap, which was not very straightforward.” He also mentioned that they used different tire compounds to gain a better understanding for Sunday’s race.

Despite the difficulties, Perez remains positive about their overall performance, stating, “Overall we are in a good position. I think we have a good direction that we need to take.” He credits the hard work of his team and their ability to analyze data and make adjustments accordingly.

Perez also expressed his gratitude towards his fans and shared his experience of racing in his home Grand Prix. “It’s nice because it’s funny when you are in the car, you forget where you are. But as soon as you are out, there’s a lot of tension,” he said. The support from his passionate Mexican supporters undoubtedly motivates Perez to perform at his best.

In conclusion, Sergio Perez remains optimistic about his chances at the Mexican Grand Prix. Despite the challenges faced during the second free practice session, he believes that he and his team are on the right track. With the unwavering support of his hometown fans, Perez is determined to make the most of his home race and achieve a strong result.

Albert Ramirez
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