Perez’s Confidence High for Home Grand Prix: Back in the Race

Sergio Perez is expecting strong support from his fans at the Mexican Grand Prix and believes he is back to competing for top positions despite the challenges of racing at a high altitude.


‣ Sergio Perez will be supported by his fans at his home Grand Prix in Mexico
‣ Racing at high altitude in Mexico will pose challenges
‣ Perez believes the gap in performance in Austin was smaller than it appeared
‣ Perez is confident heading into the Mexican Grand Prix

Title: Sergio Perez Optimistic for Home Grand Prix in Mexico

As the Mexican Grand Prix approaches, Sergio Perez, the Red Bull driver, is set to receive massive support from his fans. Despite facing ups and downs throughout the year, Perez is confident that he is back in the game and prepared to compete for top positions this weekend.

Challenging Altitude:
The Mexican Grand Prix holds a unique challenge as it takes place 2200 meters above sea level. Perez acknowledges the difficulties this presents, stating, “It’s really difficult…there’s a lot of management that we’re going to have to do on Sunday just to see the finish line.” The high altitude adds an extra layer of complexity, making it harder to overtake and fight for positions. Qualifying becomes crucial, as a well-planned strategy is anticipated.

Debunking the Austin Gap:
Reflecting on the United States Grand Prix in Austin, where Perez finished fifth twice while his teammate Max Verstappen claimed victory in both races, Perez believes the margin between drivers was closer than it seemed. He suggests, “I think we were all within a tenth, maximum two-tenths, the top five, top six cars.” Perez believes the fight on the track was far tighter than the results portrayed.

Regaining Momentum:
Perez expresses confidence heading into his home Grand Prix, emphasizing the improvements made by his team. He explains, “We went really deep on the detail and we understood a lot of things that we were trying to compensate.” Following intense analysis and rectifying longstanding issues, Perez believes they have regained their competitive edge and are once again in contention.

With the Mexican Grand Prix just around the corner, Sergio Perez seems poised for a strong weekend. Supported by his passionate fans, Perez is determined to make his mark in this challenging race. Striving to overcome the complexities posed by the high altitude, Perez’s optimism and newfound understanding of his car’s performance bode well for his chances to score valuable points.

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