Perez’s Future at Red Bull Racing in Doubt

Sergio Perez, under contract with Red Bull Racing until 2024, is under pressure to perform in the upcoming season, with Mika Hakkinen stating that while Perez’s Mexican heritage is beneficial for the team’s market, his inconsistent performance and potential complaints could lead to changes in the team.


‣ Sergio Perez is under pressure for the upcoming season at Red Bull Racing, where he has a contract until 2024.
‣ Perez has had three successful seasons at Red Bull, including a strong start in 2023, but caused controversy by wanting to compete for the title with teammate Max Verstappen.
‣ Mika Hakkinen, a two-time world champion, suggests that Red Bull may have doubts about Perez due to his slower speed and potential lack of motivation if he feels he is not given a good car.
‣ Despite these potential issues, Hakkinen notes that Red Bull has an interest in keeping Perez due to the importance of the Mexican market, but emphasizes the need for two strong drivers for successful team development.

Sergio Perez, the Red Bull Racing driver, is under contract until 2024. The heat’s on for the upcoming season, and the Mexican’s feeling it. Mika Hakkinen, a seasoned racer, sheds light on what Red Bull expects from Perez. He also hints at what Perez should avoid doing.

Perez has been with Red Bull for three seasons now. His performance in Abu Dhabi in 2021 was legendary. He kept up the momentum in 2022. He proved to be a solid teammate for Verstappen that year. Red Bull Racing even bagged the constructors’ world title again. But 2023 was a different story. Perez started strong, but stirred the pot by wanting to compete for the title with Max Verstappen.

Why Red Bull has doubts about Perez

“Perez is the slowest. That’s clear,” Hakkinen stated in a Unibet video. “If he accepts it, he can communicate well with the media and the garage. He can develop the car well. He’s motivated and can stay within 3 or 4 tenths. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s a pretty OK situation.”

But, Hakkinen warns, if Perez starts complaining, if he blames the team for a subpar car, if he loses motivation, it’s not good. If his results fluctuate, it’s bad for the team. “Then the team has to make changes.”

Perez’s 2024 performance will be crucial. Hakkinen emphasizes that Red Bull has a vested interest in keeping the Mexican. “I know that it is important for the garage to have a Mexican driver. Mexico is a big market. It has a big impact on things. But in the end, we are in a competition and to bring good results, you can’t rely on one driver. You have to get two drivers to a certain level so that you can do good development. Is Perez’s future at Red Bull? I think it’s highly unlikely,” concluded the two-time world champion.

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