Piastri discusses McLaren culture & its benefits

Oscar Piastri is grateful for the positive culture at McLaren and is pleased to have signed a new contract until 2026, emphasizing the supportive and united team atmosphere and indicating that it has played a big part in his development.


‣ Oscar Piastri is grateful for the culture at McLaren
‣ Piastri thinks that the team’s culture is welcoming and optimistic
‣ Piastrisi’s opinion of culture is based on the staff’s friendliness
‣ Piastri thinks that the McLaren team works well together as one team

Oscar Piastri is feeling confident, and grateful for, the culture at McLaren. According to the 22-year-old Australian, the welcoming nature and friendliness of the team were evident from the moment he joined the team. He shared with speedcafe.com, “From the moment I joined the team, I felt there was a very good culture that was very welcoming to me.” He continued, “Even when times were tough, everyone was still very motivated to try and improve the situation, whether that was people in the race team, people in the design office, whoever it may be, they were always still optimistic.”

He expressed his confidence and gratitude regarding the optimism and teamwork within the team. Piastri mentioned that “The confidence that we could turn it around was nice to see.” He also spoke of the unity within the team, “In F1, and in motorsport in general, you have the potential to have a divide on the two sides of the garage, and that’s definitely not the case here,” he says. The driver also spoke of his personal experience stating, “The confidence that we could turn things around was great,” and “There were a few question marks when we first put the upgrades on the car in Austria and Silverstone, and whether it would give us the kind of gains we were hoping for – and they did.”

In addition to the strong team culture, McLaren’s commitment to Piastri is evident through his new contract extension until 2026. Not only does he emphasize the unity within the team, but he also shared a bit of his off-track experience, expressing that he played tennis with McLaren’s team boss Andrea Stella. He added, “It’s always nice to have those things” However, he jokingly added that “We didn’t play a game, we just rallied – but Andrea definitely won!”

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