Piastri Identifies Key Lesson from Debut F1 Season

In his debut season in 2023, Australian rookie Oscar Piastri proved to be a valuable addition to the sport, winning the sprint race in Qatar and achieving two podium finishes in a Grand Prix, while learning valuable lessons about the competitiveness and high stakes of Formula 1.


‣ Oscar Piastri was one of three rookies to start the 2023 season and proved to be an absolute enrichment for the sport.
‣ In his debut year, Piastri managed to win the sprint race in Qatar and achieved two podium finishes in a Grand Prix.
‣ McLaren, Piastri’s team, managed to move from the back to the front after a significant upgrade.
‣ Piastri learned valuable lessons in his debut year, including the high cost of mistakes in Formula 1 and the extreme competitiveness of the drivers and teams.

Oscar Piastri was a fresh face in the 2023 season, one of three rookies to hit the track. Nyck de Vries and Logan Sargeant were the other two, but they didn’t fare as well. De Vries had to say goodbye to AlphaTauri before the winter break even hit. Sargeant? Well, he was consistently outdone by his teammate at Williams.

But Piastri? He was a breath of fresh air for the sport. The Australian rookie even won the sprint race in Qatar in his debut year. Impressive, right?

His first season was a success, no doubt about it. He managed to secure two podium finishes in a Grand Prix. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. McLaren, his team, had to claw their way from the back to the front after a significant upgrade.

Looking back, Piastri says his first year was a learning experience. And in other news, Ferrari’s confirmed their interest in Verstappen. Apparently, every team boss in F1 wants him.

In Abu Dhabi, someone asked Piastri what he learned in his debut year. His response? “A good question.” He’s learned a lot, apparently. One key lesson: you can’t afford to slack off. A mistake in Formula 1 can cost you big time.

Piastri elaborated, “All the drivers are extremely competitive. All the teams are now extremely competitive. And if you take it a little bit easy you can suddenly lose a lot of time, a lot of positions.”

That’s probably the biggest takeaway for him. But he’s also learned specifics on driving and energy management. It’s been a busy year for the rookie. But the competition, the relentless drive to be the best, that’s what’s stuck with him.

And in other news, there are doubts about Verstappen’s motivation. But Horner knows this for sure!

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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